Burners in the minority for the first time

Burners in the minority for the first time

“We can deliver.” Mazda’s Germany boss Bernhard Kaplan emphasized this two weeks ago when he presented the first exclusively electrically powered model, the MX-30, in Hitdorf. The registration statistics of the manufacturer from Hiroshima for September show that cars with a battery now make up the majority at Mazda: around 60 percent.

Electric is fashion at Mazda: The MX-30 sells well, hybrid cars even better.

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Electric is fashion at Mazda: The MX-30 sells well, hybrid cars even better.

Mazda sold a total of 4779 cars in Germany, 2294 of which have a hybrid drive consisting of gasoline and electric motors, and another 548 are fully electric MX-30s. “Mazda is one of the leading brands in Germany when it comes to electrification,” says the German headquarters.

When it comes to electrification, it should be helpful that the hybrid drive is standard in three models: the gasoline versions of the CX-30 and the volume models 2 and 3 always have an electric motor on board. The 3 Series and the CX-30 also feature the new petrol engine, which burns according to the diesotto principle and is intended to combine the advantages of diesel and petrol.

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Hybrid is the key

Mazda hybrid cars also use braking energy to supply the battery with electricity. On the one hand, the energy flows into the on-board network; on the other, it benefits the combustion engine when accelerating. This also saves fuel. According to Mazda, the hybrid concept made the MX-30 the best-selling car in September: 1311 registrations, almost all of them with hybrid drive. It is followed by the long-standing leader in the Mazda ranking, the MX-5 with 1131 sales. Behind the third place, the Mazda 2 with 555 vehicles, follows the newly launched, all-electric Mazda MX-30.

The first electric Mazda gets jump start with a special price at the market launch. According to the relevant, “realistic” test cycle, as Mazda emphasizes, the car has a range of up to 200 motorway and 265 kilometers in the city. (tk)


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