Call of the Covid-19 task force to reduce contamination

Call of the Covid-19 task force to reduce contamination

In order to avoid further restrictions in Switzerland, the task force is making stabilization and the reduction of the number of cases “top priority”.

The Confederation's Covid-19 task force expects an increase in SARS-CoV-2 deaths in the coming days in Switzerland (archives).

The Confederation’s Covid-19 task force expects an increase in SARS-CoV-2 deaths in the coming days in Switzerland (archives).

After the sharp rise in coronavirus contaminations detected in recent days in Switzerland, the Covid-19 task force of the Federal Council is launching an appeal to contain the epidemic. “If the trend continues, the bar of 2,000 daily cases will be crossed in October,” warns the working group in an analysis released on Friday. on his website. “The higher the number of cases, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to keep control” of the epidemic, recalls the task force.

Interrupting chains of transmission through contact tracing and quarantines is working less and less with high numbers of new infections, he adds. From less than 20 people testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 in early June, Switzerland has grown to more than 700 daily cases in early October and nearly 1,500 on Friday, notes the task force. While the doubling of infections occurred on average every three or four weeks, it is currently happening more quickly.

The task force is also concerned that too few screening tests are being performed. “Too many infections go undetected,” he writes, weakening the authorities’ strategy to use the tests to trace contacts and order quarantines to interrupt chains of transmission.

Reducing cases, “an absolute priority”

Hospitalizations and deaths have increased tenfold since June, said the analysis. One reason is that it is mostly young people, whose risk of hospitalization is much lower, who have been infected in recent months. However, contamination has increased recently in risk groups, even “significantly” in older age groups. Experts therefore expect an increase in hospitalizations and deaths in the near future.

In order to avoid further restrictions, the task force calls for a stabilization and reduction in the number of cases, “a top priority”. “The number of cases must be at a level such that screening and contact tracing by the cantons is possible, even over several months.”

Experts recommend rigorous application of the measures already taken. In regions, where the number of Covid-19 cases is high or on the rise, they advocate reducing the number of participants in rallies, but also in private demonstrations and work meetings. They also propose the systematization of the wearing of sanitary masks in closed places.


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