Can I access the benefit if I received the IFE from ANSES?

Can I access the benefit if I received the IFE from ANSES?


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The Zero Rate Credits they are part of the Emergency Program for Assistance to Work and Production. They are credits with a subsidy of 100% of the total financial cost that are credited to the beneficiary’s credit card.

Who can access Zero Rate Credit?

  • People registered in any category of the monotax who develop economically affected activities in a critical way in the geographical areas where they are carried out.
  • Count a relevant number of workers in mandatory isolation, absent due to being in a risk group or family care obligations related to COVID 19, or infected.
  • Register a considerable reduction in your billing after March 12, 2020.
  • Not providing services to the national, provincial or municipal public sector.
  • Not to receive income from work related to dependency or from retirement.
  • Not having a credit situation 3, 4, 5 or 6.
  • Not being adhered to the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers.
  • Not being a member of the board of directors of commercial companies.

If I receive the Family Emergency Income (IFE), can I access the Zero Rate Credit?

Yes. The AFIP reported that the Zero Rate Credits are compatible with the Emergency Family Income (IFE): “As long as they meet the eligibility criteria established in the regulations, all monotributistas registered in categories A and B who have accessed the IFE may process a Zero Rate Credit “.

What is the amount of the Credit?

The amount that each person can access depends on the category in which they are enrolled. The expected maximum is $ 150,000. The credits will have a grace period of 6 months and the repayment will be made in at least 12 fixed installments without interest.


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