Can milk thistle prevent or cure a hangover?

Can milk thistle prevent or cure a hangover?

Silymarin is the active compound in milk thistle and is considered key to promoting liver detoxification and eliminating toxins caused by alcohol.

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Silymarin is the active compound in milk thistle and is considered key to promoting liver detoxification and eliminating toxins caused by alcohol.

All at some point we have had some Fun night in which we consume some extra drinks and there is no doubt that the next day we will pay the consequences with several rather unpleasant symptoms. The hangover it is usually presented hours later of a excessive intake of alcoholic beverages and is usually accompanied by fatigueBut, headachenausea sensitivity to light and sound, stomach ailments, dehydration, concentration problems, anxiety and dizziness.

Hangovers occur when blood alcohol level returns to zero and it is just when the typical symptoms of the “Raw”. Based on this, all kinds of remedies and natural allies have come to light to make them lighter the consequences of a night out.

Recently it has attracted special attention consumption of milk thistle, popularly known worldwide as “Milk Thistle” to effectively combat annoying hangover symptoms.

If you haven’t heard about this popular medicinal herb, pay attention. Milk thistle is considered the main herbal resource for protect the liver and this relates directly to your content in your main biochemical component the sylmarina, which acts as a powerful cardioprotective agent.

How does milk thistle work to combat a hangover?

When the organism try to break down the alcohol as part of the process they stay toxic by-products, which cause inflammation throughout the body; although more specifically in the liver, stomach and brain. What happens is that with the passage of time it is inflammation tends to become chronic and leaves irreversible scarring of the liver, a condition that usually results in liver diseases very delicate as is the case with cirrhosis.

The truth is that it has relevant studies that check the silymarin benefits, to detoxify some of the harmful alcohol compounds and in this way protect the liver of its harmful effects. At the same time, the consumption of an infusion of milk thistle is a great ally of great antioxidant power and helps neutralize free radicals harmful that occur when the body metabolizes alcohol.

On the other hand this active compound (silymarin), is related to benefits for apay for inflammatory signs that are activated with the consumption of alcohol. Also the consumption of this medicinal plant is considered one of the best therapys complementary to treat various liver conditions and is related to great benefits for delay or reverse liver damage caused by conditions like alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver and Liver cancer.

While there are no miracle remedies, nature is wise and puts ingredients of great therapeutic potential that have the immense advantage of not causing side effects. The truth is that its consumption and the results offered by this natural drink may vary from person to person.

How to take milk thistle?

Actually in various health food storess we can find several presentations that facilitate the consumption of milk thistle, through extract in capsules or tablets, in tincture and also the dried milk thistle fruits to prepare homemade infusions.

The truth is that to combat the symptoms of a hangover, the consumption of a very warm infusion, upon waking up and presenting the first signs. Without a doubt, a great natural ally to recover from excesses caused by alcohol and also an extraordinary complement to cleanse the liver and give you a well deserved rest

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