Cancer prevention: palpate the breast properly

Cancer prevention: palpate the breast properly

By regularly scanning the breast, changes that are suspicious of cancer can be detected early. You can find out how it works right here

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Palpate the chest istockphoto

In order to recognize changes, every woman should feel her breasts herself once a month. The best time to do this is one week after starting your period. It is best for postmenopausal women to choose a fixed day of the month.

Step 1

Stand bare-chested in front of the mirror, let your arms hang down loosely. Has the shape, size or skin of the breast changed? Are there any bulging or drawn in areas of the skin? Does the nipple look different?

step 2

Palpate the chest with the palm of the hand while standing. Raise your right arm and examine your right breast with your left hand – and vice versa. Move fingers slightly against each other like when playing the piano. In this way, lumps in deeper areas of the breast can also be detected.

Recognizing breast cancer: this lemon picture can also help

step 3

From the top outer edge of the breast, feel in a spiral inwards to the nipple and carefully squeeze it: if liquid escapes, pay attention to the color and texture. And: Also examine the edge of the chest muscle towards the armpit and the armpit itself.

Step 4

Repeat the scanning program while lying down. This makes it particularly easy to examine the lower parts of the breast.

If you have any of the following signs, please contact your gynecologist:

  • Dents or bulges in the chest
  • Reddened or puckered nipples
  • Secretion from the nipple
  • Lumps in the chest or armpits
  • Skin changes

You can find even more information on breast cancer in the neue freundin (22/2020), which will be available at the kiosk from October 14th.

(Author: Anna-Helene Leitz)


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