Cande Tinelli made an erotic confession with sensual photos

Cande Tinelli made an erotic confession with sensual photos

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Cande Tinelli is used to raising the temperature of social networks, but since she started promoting several products of a sex shop, has been doubling the bet with images and statements more and more played, such as the one he made in the last hours with respect to a dream / goal.

The daughter of Marcelo Tinelli wore a sensual set of intimate lingerie that had rabbit ears as a special component, which led to the singer to make a clear allusion to an icon of eroticism worldwide: Playboy.

Lele looked at the camera in a sensual way and bit her lip, while in the caption of her hot photos shared in Instagram express: “I always wanted to be a Playboy bunny”.

The posting sexy of Candelaria tinelli reached almost eighty thousand “likes” and endless praise for her on the platform where she has more than four million followers, but it also caused many people to think about the possibility that one day she will be a figure of the renowned company of entertainment for adults.

cande tinelli 1010

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cande tinelli 1010

The brunette has long been promoting various offers of a sex shop, just as he did weeks ago with a post “Sadomasoquist”, but he has also ventured with his own brand in the sexual field.

At the beginning of May, and in keeping with the loneliness that social isolation can cause due to the coronavirus pandemic, it began to offer dildos and sex masks.

Let us also remember that businesswoman She knows what it is to be alone in a quarantine, since she has repeatedly made statements about her sexual abstinence and how she is coping, to the point that a company listened to her and gave her a toy so that she can satisfy her needs alone.

The American Magazine Playboy was founded on October 1, 1953 by Hugh Hefner (1926-2017) and knew how to have its Argentine version some years ago. However, it is also Playboy TV, premium station that has had local productions with figures such as Luciana Salazar, Natacha Jaitt, Sabrina rojas Y Monica Farro. Will they summon Cande?

Look at the photos of Cande Tinelli in the gallery (click on the main image).



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