Carlo Acutis is the first millennial to be proclaimed blessed by the Pope

Carlo Acutis is the first millennial to be proclaimed blessed by the Pope

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AGI – Carlo Acutis, who died at the age of 15 from fulminant leukemia, has become Blessed. From the upper Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi, Cardinal Agostino Vallini read the proclamation – greeted by the applause of those present – decreed by Pope Francis. The liturgical memorial of Blessed Carlo Acutis will be celebrated every year on 12 October, the day of his death.

“With the enthusiasm of his youth he cultivated friendship in Jesus” and placed the Eucharist at the center of his life, Cardinal Vallini said reading the Apostolic Letter with which Pope Francis inscribed the venerable Servant of God in the number of Blessed. The picture with the image of the new Blessed was then discovered and the precious relic of the heart was carried in procession by Carlo’s parents to be placed near the altar. Then Vallini hugged the 15-year-old’s mom and dad.

“A model of holiness for young people”

Pope Francis, in the apostolic exhortation “Christus vivit”, proposed him to young people as a model of holiness in this digital age, citing his name among the “precious reflections of the young Christ that shine to stimulate us and get us out of drowsiness”. Carlo Acutis is the first Blessed of the millennial generation and already many consider him as the “patron” of the Internet. It was Monsignor Domenico Sorrentino, archbishop of Assisi, who made the request for beatification.

The beatification of Carlo Acutis “is good news, a strong announcement that a boy of our time, one like many others, was conquered by Christ and became a beacon of light for those who want to know him and follow his example “, Vallini said in the course of his homily in which he underlined his” luminous life “” all given to others, like the Eucharistic Bread “.

“He brought the fruit of holiness, showing it as a goal reachable by all and not as something abstract and reserved for a few”, he added, observing that his life “he is particularly a role model for young people, not to find gratification only in ephemeral successes, but in the perennial values ​​that Jesus suggests in the Gospel “.

Cardinal Vallini also drew a profile of Carlo’s life, noting how “extraordinary” his ability to bear witness to the values ​​he believed in, “even at the cost of facing misunderstandings, obstacles and sometimes even being laughed at” and “great charity towards one’s neighbor, especially towards the poor, the lonely and abandoned elderly, the homeless, the disabled and the people whom society marginalized and hid “.

The new Beato “represents a model of fortress, alien to any form of compromise”. “He – Vallini concluded – testified that faith does not distance us from life, but immerses us more deeply in it, showing us the concrete way to live the joy of the Gospel. It is up to us to follow it, attracted by the fascinating experience of the Blessed. Carlo, so that our life too can shine with light and hope “.


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