Carol Narizinho is eliminated and Lucas Viana fans celebrate on the web

Carol Narizinho is eliminated and Lucas Viana fans celebrate on the web

The Roça formed by Biel, Tays Reis and Carol Narizinho broke an absolute record of votes for all editions of “A Fazenda”, passing half a billion, this Thursday (15). In this dispute, the couple won and the ex-panicat received the sad news that she would leave her dream for the prize of R $ 1.5 million. In the “Decompression Cabin”, the blonde on the fight he had with Raissa Barbosa: “Who would throw the dream away would be her. I was focused, in my fullness. I think it was the most sensible attitude, because I was right. She lost her reason because she didn’t know how to argue, talk, she didn’t know how to listen”.

Lucas Viana fans celebrate Carol Narizinho’s departure

The fans of Lucas Viana, champion of the 11th season and about to join the participants of “Game dos Clones”, new Amazon Prime reality show presented by Sabrina Sato. Known as “The Bottles” on Twitter, the fandom organized a campaign to eliminate Carol due to a controversial statement by the model about the influencer given last year. In an interview with “TV Fama”, she said that she lived a troubled romance and that she was chased by him. “It was a boring situation out here, which happened, but it really did. I hope it has changed, evolved as he showed inside (…) We only stayed once, just and, like, it didn’t work. Yeah, there was that. He’s kind of paranoid, he was kind of paranoid and I was even a little scared. Some friends saw it, like that and it was really annoying, really annoying, “he said. See the reactions of Lucas fans on Twitter:

Carol Narizinho calls Lucas Selfie a fake: ‘Disappointed’

Still in the “Decompression Cabin”, Carol Narizinho faced the moment when Lucas Selfie and Lipe Ribeiro agreed to vote for her for Roça. The two friends were left with shaken friendship after the youtuber saved Lidi Lisboa instead of Mariano in the dynamic of “Resta Um”. “Wow … False. I didn’t expect it, I’m very disappointed in him. Even Lipe too. I had already voted for him, but it was at a time when he wasn’t even going to receive votes”, he analyzed.

Ex-panicat recalls fight with Luiza Ambiel: ‘I hit the ball ugly’

Among the controversies in which Carol Narizinho got involved, the fight with Luiza Ambiel was one of the busy ones in the program. In the bullshit, the actress argued with the peoa for having said that her daughter, of 12 years, was in favor of JP Gadêlha, second eliminated of the reality. “Actually, I traveled. I messed up badly. I hit the ball badly, and I don’t even remember! I remember the beginning of the conversation, but the end, she told me what I had said,” he lamented. Remember!


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