Cause outrage for asking for help deleting stepson from family photo

Cause outrage for asking for help deleting stepson from family photo

The woman wanted only a photo with who "her family" is.

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The woman wanted only a photo with who is “her family”.

Natalie Arriete, a Florida resident, hired a photographer to do a professional photoshoot with her husband, their two biological children and her husband’s son from a previous relationship. Once the photos are received, The woman posted a shot on a Facebook group of strangers asking to Photoshop her stepson in exchange for $ 10. The post went viral and the outrage at his cruel attitude was reflected in qualifiers like “pathetic”, “ruthless” and “horrible”, among other comments.

Arriete’s behavior was transformed in a viral phenomenon After a Twitter user, Wade Cross, shared a series of screenshots of the unusual request on October 9. Cross felt challenged by the publication because he recently lost a son: he wrote another tweet where he tells how much he misses “his baby” and assures that this child -the stepson- could live with him forever and appear in every photo that be done for the rest of your life.

From those posts, the full story was known which, far from minimizing the matter, exposes the cruelty of the stepmother. Natalie began by asking the photographer for permission to edit the photos, to whom she told that she wanted to have just one with her 2 children.

Then, he posted one of the images on the Photoshop Fairy Facebook group: “Hi! Will someone be able to retouch the photo to remove the child from the center? I pay $ 10 for the job, ”the woman wrote nonchalantly, not imagining the avalanche of more than 800 comments she later encountered. Group members did not like the request and, instead of offering their services, many reacted angry and indignant.

However, Arriete achieved his goal and changed all the profile photos of his networks for the new version, with his stepson edited and deleted. The public’s reaction was unanimous: there were only messages of repudiation and rejection. Many made reference to the feelings of the despised child while many others criticized the father for allowing that situation. Due to the number of negative comments, the woman had to block access to her accounts.

In turn, several Twitter users used the family portrait to teach the woman a lesson and edited the photo in different ways to always obtain the same result: the image without her presence and with the stepson highlighted.

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