Cecilia Marogna was arrested in Milan

Cecilia Marogna was arrested in Milan

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AGI – Cecilia Marogna, the diplomatic relations consultant linked to the cardinal Angelo Becciu and involved in the financial scandal involving the Vatican, she was arrested by the Guardia di Finanza in Milan. Cecilia Marogna was arrested on an international arrest warrant issued by the Vatican, executed through Interpol by the Milan Finance Police. The contested offense is embezzled by diversion of assets. The extradition procedure will now begin.

The 39-year-old from Cagliari would have received bank transfers for half a million euros for her consultations at the Secretariat of State, when Cardinal Angelo Becciu was Substitute. You, in an interview with Corriere, denied the rumors that want her as a figure linked to the high prelate and recipient of transfers to a company located in Slovenia that carries out humanitarian missions. “Am I a lover of the cardinal? Absurd. I am a political analyst and an intelligence expert”. The allocation in his favor was “500 thousand over 4 years and including my remuneration, travel, consultancy out of that account, situations to be managed in various areas”, he specifies. “The money came in tranches on my company in Slovenia”, he adds, telling of having met Becciu in 2015 after writing him an email “to understand if my analyzes were correct, and what were – he says – the security problems of the Nunciatures and of the Missions “. Becciu received it and, according to his account, the Vatican “lacked a parallel diplomacy” in North African and Middle Eastern countries. “But I knew what to do and how to move – he underlines -, also to reduce the dangers arising to the Nunciatures from the terrorist cells present in those countries”.

Regarding the rumors, according to which the money received was spent on bags of big brands and in luxury shopping, Marogna replies: “Maybe the handbag was for the wife of a Nigerian friend who was able to talk to the President of Burkina Faso. “. Also at the Corriere, the woman admitted her acquaintances with the fixer Flavio Carboni and the dissident Freemason Gioele Magaldi, as for relations with the Services, he describes them as “of esteem and collaboration with the top management”.


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