change of plane to get to La Paz

change of plane to get to La Paz

Messi and several of his teammates, in practice (Selection press).

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Messi and several of his teammates, in practice (Selection press).

Ecuador has already passed 1-0 with that penalty goal from Lionel Messi and, now, the National Team faces an always complex challenge, such as visiting Bolivia at the height of La Paz for the second date of the Qualifiers. And this Sunday afternoon, after morning practice and lunch, the Argentine team will travel to the 3,640 meters of that city with some peculiarities.

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First of all, Argentina will arrive in La Paz two days before the game, when in general it did hours before the start of the match. And to do so, he will get on two planes. How? Yes, will leave Buenos Aires at 4:00 p.m. on an aircraft that due to its size cannot land at El Alto airport, which is not called that for nothing since it is located at 4,061 meters above sea level.

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Then, the players will make a stopover in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where they will board a smaller plane to get to La Paz and start the countdown to the game on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

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This Saturday, the squad trained in the morning. There, Marcos Acuña did some field work with one of the kinesiologists after the muscular discomfort he suffered in the Bombonera, while Paulo Dybala is already feeling better from the gastrointestinal problem that prevented him from going to the bank with Ecuador and he went cycling.

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