Chevrolet Colorado 2021 tested, debuts face as equipment improvements

Chevrolet Colorado 2021 tested, debuts face as equipment improvements

Of the vehicles that today can be purchased, without fear of being wrong, those with the longest tradition and are preferred by many users are pickups. The reasons are diverse, but the fact is that they are very versatile, they are ideal for daily use, to move with the family, travel, go on an adventure or even as a work tool.

Chevrolet Colorado 2021 tested, debuts face as equipment improvements

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Chevrolet Colorado 2021 tested, debuts face as equipment improvements

One of the most popular has just received an update in its mid-life cycle, I mean the Chevrolet colorado 2021, which starts from $ 662,900 to $ 804,900 pesos. This last price refers to the Z71 variant, which was the one we tested.

For the 2021 model the Colorado It improved on equipment issues such as design, and additionally incorporates a new version called Z71, which stands out for offering certain features, which we will reveal to you throughout this test.


Now debuts a bigger grill, the bowtie logo is black with a chrome frame. Noteworthy is the use of piano black finish inserts in the contours of the fog lights, mirror covers and door handles. At the rear, on the gate, the Chevrolet logo disappears to use the brand’s name in relief. On the sides you can see the Z71 labels, the black footrests (very practical to enter through any of the four doors) as well as the 17 ”10-spoke wheels with a very nice design.

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In general, with the aforementioned changes, the Colorado looks more aggressive and imposing, but at the same time it looks more like its older sister the Cheyenne.

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Inside the interior design is maintained there are no surprises, it uses good quality plastics in the upper part of the console; others in the glove compartment, covered with the B post as on doors not so much, are glossy quite hard. As for the upholstery, these are made of leather with fabric on the seats -the backrest as well as the lower part, are made of this material so if you sweat it keeps you dry- and both the steering wheel and lever are covered in leather.

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What stands out most in this Colorado 2021, is the infotainment system with 8 ”touch screen, incorporates Chevrolet MyLink that allows connectivity with Android Auto such as Apple Carplay. It boasts BT, a reverse camera, super useful in this type of truck to facilitate the work of maneuvering in closed spaces and Bose stereo with seven speakers (only available in the ZR71 variant). The operation of the device, being an old acquaintance, is easy, very intuitive, the colors as the display are acceptable.

Additionally, it has an OnStar system, which in addition to all the assistance it offers allows users to have internet service through WiFi Hotspot.

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Other items of equipment that stand out are the wireless charger, four USB charging inputs, electric driver’s seat, step in both corners of the rear bumper (this to facilitate entry to the pan) and automatic climate of one zone, we would have liked that was from two zones at least.


Exclusively the version that we drive the Z71, brings a new suspension, which according to the manufacturer is stronger and enduring, to subject it to any type of terrain.

Restless to know how well it performs, we gave it a very simple test. This consisted of using a bucket, then we filled it with water almost to the top and fixed it in the pan, then we went out to walk a certain path and finally saw how much water was thrown away.

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The journey was two kilometers, it was a street that had several bumps, two slight curves, as well as a slope that we were able to travel from the bottom up and back. We never exceed 40 km / h or make sharp turns, that is to say, normal handling.

In the end, the result was very good, as only less than half of the water in the bucket was spilled. We realized how well the Colorado suspension eats bumps and how effective it is at balancing the chassis. in climbing situations such as curving.

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If there is something that the Colorado 2021 can boast, it is that it is super safe, offers six airbags, stability and traction control, ABS brakes, descent assistant, tire monitor among other things.

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Engine and technical details

For all versions of the Colorado, the 3.6L V6 engine with 308 Hp and 275 lb-ft of torque remains intact. The difference comes in the box, as it is automatic in all of them, but in the entry variant it is six gears while in the other two it is 8 relationships.

As for the traction in the entry variant it is only 4×2, meanwhile in the other two it is 4×4. The operation of the system is easy by means of a knob (the location of the same is a bit hidden and somewhat uncomfortable really). It brings rear differential lock and the function called Autotrac, which allows you to change from two to four-wheel drive automatically.

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Finally, in terms of capacities, it can drag up to 1,588 Kg and can load up to 695 Kg.

Real performance

This type of medium-sized pickups can be used as a personal vehicle, for work or to travel with the family, in any case it is bought to travel many kilometers and therefore we know that it is important to you to know your fuel consumption.

We ran a performance test on it, set the odometer to zero, loaded a full tank and drove a total of 479 km, between city and highway. All the time using the weather and we never exceed 120 km / h average speed (only for passing when necessary). It consumed 57.96 liters, so the performance of this 2021 Chevrolet Colorado is 8.26 Km / l combined. Good or bad number, we leave that to you, we consider it acceptable for a V6.

Behavior at the wheel

Having 308 horses and 275 pounds on order with a 3.6 L displacement, lit really has plenty of power to do anything, from quick acceleration for starts like recoveries, to being able to drag whatever you like. The truth is that the dynamic behavior of this Colorado is very good, it is agile, stable, with an appreciable ride quality.

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The direction for its part is direct, it feeds you very well what is happening on the ground, to be able to take the best action when maneuvering. The brakes are precise, not at all spongy, at the touch of the pedal they reduce with the speed of the pickup with great diligence.

In general, its handling is very enjoyed, we believe it is superior to that of many trucks in its segment.

The Colorado is in a highly competitive market with worthy opponents. There is the legendary Ford Ranger, the indestructible Toyota Hilux, the queen of the segment the Nissan NP300 Frontier, the Mitsubishi L200, to mention the most important. However, we believe that Colorado does make a difference due to the driving performance it offers, the connectivity equipment it has, the good safety for its occupants and a very well-managed appearance.

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To answer the questionYes, we recommend it to purchase it, it is a good product, very versatile and complete in every way. Yes, we don’t think it has as good a resale value as a Hilux or NP300 Frontier.

We leave you the photo gallery for you to admire and check out our test video


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