China will test 9m people after detecting 12 cases of covid in Qingdao

China will test 9m people after detecting 12 cases of covid in Qingdao

Disinfection in Qingdao. (EFE)

Disinfection in Qingdao. (EFE)

The authorities of the eastern chinese city of qingdao announced that they will submit their more than 9 million inhabitants to tests of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 after they were diagnosed in the last hours 12 positive, 6 of them asymptomatic.

The Qingdao Municipal Sanitation Commission reported today through a statement published on its website that this Sunday they detected 3 asymptomatic casesTherefore, they proceeded to analyze 377 close contacts of these, which yielded another 9 positives.

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Of these 9 newly infected (initially, 4 confirmed cases and 5 asymptomatic), 8 of them are patients or caregivers of the Municipal Hospital for Pectoral Ailments from Qingdao, while the remaining person is a relative of one of them.

Two of those previously diagnosed as asymptomatic later became confirmed cases -that is, they began to present symptoms-, so the total, for the moment and according to the Commission, is 6 confirmed cases and 6 asymptomatic.

The authorities had assigned the aforementioned Qingdao hospital the treatment of travelers arriving in China from abroad and they tested positive for covid-19 in tests carried out at border controls.

The campaign will last for five days and it plans to cover the entire population of the city, with more than nine million inhabitants.

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The municipal health authorities detailed that, at the time of publishing the statement (around 09.00 local time, 01.00 GMT today), almost 115.000 Qingdao hospital employees and patients had obtained negative result in your tests.

Although the last part of the National Health Commission of China does not collect these recent infections, its data indicates that this Sunday 3 asymptomatic cases of local contagion were detected.

In the absence of confirmation from the Chinese health authorities, these cases could involve the end of the streak of 57 consecutive days without local infections in the country. Sources cited by the local press indicated that it is still unknown how the 3 asymptomatic patients were infected.

According to the figures published this Monday by the National Health Commission of China, this Sunday they were detected 21 new “imported” cases and 32 asymptomatic.

Official data indicate that in the Asian country there are currently 230 active infected, 395 asymptomatic infected under observation and another 7,961 contacts surrounded with infected in the same circumstance.


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