Chivite admits that Navarra is “at a critical moment” and tightens restrictions

Chivite admits that Navarra is

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One week after becoming the autonomous community with the highest incidence of contagion of coronavirus in Spain, and after yesterday registering a new record of daily infections, the Government of Navarra has announced new schedule and capacity limitations for hotels, restaurants, culture and sports, to try to stop the second wave of the pandemic.

“We are at a critical moment, but we are still on time. We do not want to go to a harsher scenario “, said the Navarrese president, Maria Chivite, announcing this Sunday a new order that includes the new restrictions and urges the population to “limit all non-essential activity to the maximum.”

The new measures contemplated in the order will take effect on Tuesday and will be in effect for 14 days. As explained by Chivite, the Capacity in hotels and restaurants will be reduced to 30%. All venues will have to close at 22.00 and the meetings in these places, both inside and outside, are limited to six people.

The order also contemplates a reduction of the 30% capacity for cinemas and libraries, and gyms can only operate by appointment. In the private sphere, lSocial gatherings are also limited to a maximum of six people.

“The success of the measures must be accompanied in addition to their compliance by each one of us. The recommendation is to limit our non-essential interactions as much as possible. We are at a critical moment, but we are on time. We do not want to go to a stage harder “, Chivite pointed out.

Record of infections

Chivite’s appearance comes after Navarra will record its maximum number of coronavirus infections since the pandemic began yesterday, with 463 positive cases. On Friday, in addition, 449 cases were reported – then the maximum reached so far in the Autonomous Community – and on Thursday 400 infections.

With these figures, yesterday Saturday the general director of Health, Carlos Artundo, appealed to the public to consider this weekend as “quiet, practically self-confined“and appealed to restrict” as much as possible “mobility and family and social gatherings. He also urged” to lower that figure immediately because it compromises the health care system. “

The Department of Health has in force, from midnight last Friday, October 9, and until midnight on Saturday 24, extraordinary measures against Covid-19 in Villafranca, Valtierra, Cadreita, Carcastillo, Castejón, Cintruénigo and Fustiñana, due due to its high incidence of registered cases, which include limitations on schedules, capacity and number of people per group, but do not include restrictions on mobility.

It has also extended the measures in the town of San Adrián until Friday, October 16, inclusive, according to epidemiological and health developments. The measures include restrictions on schedules, capacity and number of people per group, referring to the public (hospitality, commerce, sports, culture, etc.) and private sectors, but also limitations on the exits and entrances of the town that are reserved for the essential trips. Peralta is also in this situation.


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