Climber dies after being trapped in a canyon in SC; PM repair lasted 6 hours

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FLORIANÓPOLIS – One mountaineer died and another got stuck in the wall of Sprawled Canyon, in Urubici, on Serra Catarinense. The incident was recorded around 10 am on Sunday, 11, and the rescue operation lasted about six hours. Lucas de Zorzi, 39, was hit in the head by a rock that slid during the climb and could not resist. The mountaineer Diego Braga, 31, who accompanied Zorzi, ended up being stuck 200 meters high from the highest point of the wall that is difficult to access.

According to information from the 5th Aviation Base of the Military Police, when he realized that his friend was unconscious after being hit, Diego Braga directly called the Central de Aereções Aéreas, which moved to the location. The entire rescue was made by helicopter, using the technique of abseiling, since land access at the site has a high degree of difficulty.

When accessing the site, the crew checked that the victim who appeared unconscious, in fact, was lifeless. The body was removed using the technique known as “McGuire”, which consists of lifting the victim without using a stretcher. Another crew member gained access to the second climber, carrying out his primary assessment and finding only a few scratches.

After removing the lifeless body, the team returned to the incident site and extracted the second climber, transporting him to Lages, where the base is located. After medical evaluation, the patient who survived was released.

The two climbers were experienced and practiced various adventure sports. Zorzi, who was surprised by the rock that broke free during the climb, was Brazilian champion of Artistic Wingsuit in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, and is the record holder in the South and Latin American category. He also practiced snowboarding, mountain climbing, rock climber, as well as other extreme sports. Zorzi was the owner of the company Mill Indústrias de Serras. The funeral and burial take place in Lages, also in the Serra Catarinense, this Monday, 12. Zorzi left his wife and son.


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