clothes, bags and more pieces with fashion details

clothes, bags and more pieces with fashion details

Fringe is in fashion! The fashionista detail is repeated with certain constancy on the catwalks and street style, bringing a special glamor to the basic and minimalist looks, being highlighted in the style of fashionistas series of the moment. Appearing in different lengths, from the shortest to the longest, the tips carry a special lightness to the visual. Know what to bet on!

Fringe updates handmade fashion. Adopt you too!

How about including the fringe in a handmade look? The artisanal look is on the rise in fashion shows around the world and in street style. Combine this natural proposal, like crochet work, with the fringe trend updates the mood, ensuring for a highly contemporary version. Max handbags and blouses with detail at the ends appeared at various times in the fashion universe, so it is worth betting you too

Micro or maxibag? Fringe matches 2 designs

The microbag has become an absolute hit in recent years, being part of the looks of celebrities. This trend continues in the accessories universe, however the maxibags have come to occupy your space. Both antagonistic fashions continue to coexist in the same world, proving that there is room for all tastes and identities. And, to show this, the bangs appear in two different sizes, elongating and giving a touch of maximalistic to both.

Fringe is an eternal hit in country fashion: how to include it in the look?

Of course, country fashion could not be left out of the fringe trend, after all, both complement each other, right? This time, the detail will be repeated in jackets in shades such as black, brown and beige. It’s okay to be very characteristic, that’s the idea! The goal is to decorate the most stripped and characteristic piece with a basic look, bringing more fashion information and fashionista structure.

Tips for including fringe on clothes

The fringe also integrated the looks like dresses, blouses, tops and skirts. Don’t be afraid to invest in this detail in different pieces and until it matches the colors of the season. However, what is the best style to bet? Know that models with smaller fringes on the modeling bars were repeated on some catwalks around the globe. It’s the perfect union between minimalism and trend movement, you know? Another option is to invest in more full-bodied and warm fabrics like wool! Warm clothing brought this detail to the ends, including lightness and a differential in the entire production.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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