Cofepris insists which drugs were stolen

Cofepris insists which drugs were stolen

After parents of children with cancer questioned the theft of 37,000 drugs, the head of the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris), José Alonso Novelo, assured that the theft existed.

Cofepris insists which drugs were stolen

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Cofepris insists which drugs were stolen

“I would tell you – as far as we have the documents – that the theft existed. We are not a government of another nature. We are an honest government, concerned about the population, health and the most fragile part that are not the elderly, they are our children. I sympathize with them in their pain, in their concern, in what it means to feel with a kitten of medicine, “he said.

The Cofepris launched last Saturday, three days after they reported the theft, a health alert

Interviewed after appearing in the Senate, the Commissioner explained that the alert was issued because it is about drugs that have a high degree of danger. They are very fragile and can pose a serious risk to the population at any time.

Novelo clarified that if the theft of the drugs caused a shortage, Cofepris would not have any responsibility for it.

“It is not our turn to purchase medicine: the shortage can be, generally, due to lack of international supply,” he replied.

The official had been pointed out, during his appearance, of being responsible for the robbery by PAN senator Martha Márquez.

“Do you know who it is that stole the medicines? You, and the undersecretary (Hugo López-Gatell) and the President (López Obrador). Yes, because you decided to carry out this disaster. Yes sir, commissioner: you stole 37 thousand 956 oncological drugs, because that is the public service, because you decided in all areas to start this disaster with drugs, “said the parliamentarian.


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