Colchicine poisonings, here is the graph that helps to assess the risk

Colchicine poisonings, here is the graph that helps to assess the risk

Colchicum Autumnale (GettyImages)

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Colchicum Autumnale (GettyImages)

Against gout it has great effectiveness. But accidental overdose or abuse can be fatal. This is Colchicine, an anti-inflammatory drug that causes every year a few dozen cases of intoxication (fatal nine times out of ten) due to excessive intake. The risk also comes from a plant, the Colchicum Autumnale, from which colchicine is extracted. But it is often mistaken for wild saffron and ingested by mistake. To understand how to best treat these intoxications, a toxicologist from the Maugeri Poison Center in Pavia, Azzurra Schicchi, has developed a severity scale. In this way, clinicians are facilitated in understanding the urgency of interventions. “It is a nomogram, a graph that crosses intoxication values, times elapsed since intake and level of risk – explains Carlo Locatelli, director of the Center – and allows to obtain a given objective on the possibility of survival based on the measured value of colchicinemia “. Once validated, the tool can be used for urgent assessments and for the choices of early invasive treatments. Schicchi’s work has just received the «).

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Back in the polls, with Steve Bannon just indicted for fraud, gossip about disagreements with Melania, fierce criticism of sister former federal judge and latest tile of Kellyanne Conway's abandonment, the Republican Convention begins today uphill for Donald Trump. the scenes of the virtual congress due to the coronavirus pandemic that starts today in Charlotte, there are two producers of The Apprentice, the reality show that transformed Donald Trump into a television star. These are Sadoux Kim, long-time deputy to Mark Burnett, the show's creator, and Chuck Labella, who handled talent on the same show. both also worked for the Miss Universe pageant when it was owned by the tycoon, the former also as a judge of the contestants. The two are consultants to the organizing team and have already been paid by the Republican party respectively 54,000 and 81,000 dollars. 'One man show' Donald Trump will naturally be the absolute star of the show which kicks off tonight at 8.30pm (2.30am in Italy) in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will officially crown the American president for the race to a second term in the elections November 3 in the United States. Forced by the pandemic to hold an almost entirely virtual conclave, the head of the White House will not have the electrifying crowds he loves but will take advantage of every moment to use all the artillery against his rival, Joe Biden, just invested in the Democratic convention. Trump will speak every evening around 10 pm (4 am in Italy), according to what was anticipated by the New York Times which observed that it is a tear from the convention tradition that wants the 'nominated' to intervene only for a greeting at the opening and the speech of thanks on the final day. On the day of the "Promise land" the president will be in person at the convention center that hosts the event in Charlotte, North Carolina and which will start with the number of 336 delegates from the 50 states of the country to name him, a 'roll call' that the Grand Old Party wanted to be in person despite the coronavirus emergency. The other highlight will be on the final day, Thursday, when he delivers his acceptance speech from the White House Garden, a privileged setting that critics say blurs the traditionally respected boundaries between the president's duties and the candidate's campaign. But Trump assured that doing it there was the safest and cheapest for the country and that, after all, that is still the "your" House: "It is a place that makes me feel good, it makes the country feel good"he told the New York Post. The program Little is known about the program, except that Wednesday the day (entitled the "Land of heroes") will be the time of the vice president, Mike Pence, for his reconfirmation. He will speak from Fort McHenry, a historic enclave near Baltimore, a sacred place for American independence. Tuesday (day dedicated to "Land of opportunities") instead the First lady, Melania Trump, will speak from the iconic rose garden of the White House. The model who arrived from Slovenia in the mid-1990s will try to make people forget the role of 2016, when her message before the Republican National Convention was accused of plagiarizing entire passages of Michelle Obama's speech in 2008 Her words are now eagerly awaited , not only because of the First Lady's usual low profile, but because days ago her refusal to take her husband's hand upon descent from Air Force One raised suspicions of tensions within the presidential couple. Other members of the Trump family, most notably eldest daughter and adviser Ivanka, will feature prominently on Tuesday, as well as allies of the president, such as minority leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, and former states ambassador. United with the UN, Nikki Haley. Also on the list of special guests are Patricia and Mark McCloskey, transformed into heroes of the right after being filmed wielding firearms at a group of protesters marching in St. Louis in full crisis for the killing of George Floyd. Nicholas Sandmann, a recent Catholic graduate who became famous in 2019, could also intervene when, sporting a baseball cap with the Trump slogan "Make America Great Again", appeared in the media while making fun of an indigenous elder during a school visit to Washington. The nomination comes not at the best of times for Trump. Again, the former tycoon's image is clouded by the words of his sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who defined him "cruel", "liar", "without principles" and therefore "unreliable" and claimed he would get into the University of Pennsylvania by having someone else take the entrance test for him. The judgments are contained in some recordings made secretly by her niece Mary Trump, author of a book-denunciation against the president, and disseminated exclusively by the Washington Post.

The study on 77 cases

Schicchi based his scientific work on a very large case history for this type of poisoning: 77 intoxications, all from drugs, of which 25 treated by the Pavia Center in collaboration with the Analysis Laboratory of the San Matteo Polyclinic and 52 on which the Lariboisière Hospital of the Paris-Diderot University worked, directed by Bruno Mégarbane, at whose Toxicology he carried out part of his specialization. By analyzing the cases, she was able to identify the exact correlation between the dosage of this alkaloid and the mortality rate. The result? “The first 24 hours of colchicine poisoning are decisive for the clinical activities that must be adopted – explains the expert – and this nomogram can provide clinicians with the elements to quickly decide on the interventions to be implemented ».


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