Confindustria Veneto says no to the blocking of layoffs

Confindustria Veneto says no to the blocking of layoffs

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AGI – “I have long been against” the blocking of layoffs, “I have not changed my mind. But this does not mean that employees should not be protected, there are ways to protect workers that are more effective than the extension of the redundancy block”: he said the leader of Confindustria Veneto Enrico Carraro, in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

“In addition, we must begin to take into account the different situation of each sector”, he added, noting that “in the tourism or catering sectors” extending the freeze on layoffs can make sense but there are also sectors that are recovering. In these cases, keeping companies blocked makes no sense. Indeed, it is counterproductive. Someone who would like to start reorganizing and hiring new figures that he does not have in the company, but as long as there is a freeze on layoffs he does not move “. For Carraro” we need to set up an effective system in helping people retrain instead of putting your head in the sand “.


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