Corinthians ends deadline for registration of candidacies for the presidency; understand electoral scenario

 Corinthians ends deadline for registration of candidacies for the presidency; understand electoral scenario

Corinthians’ backstage has been boiling for some time because of the club’s elections that take place on November 28, but this Tuesday the scenario started to become clearer, since the application period has ended, according to the deadline given by the Electoral Commission. Out of an imagined universe with five candidates, only three will compete.

Representatives of the club's legal department and Siemaco-SP will have a meeting this Thursday morning (Photo: Corinthians / Disclosure)

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Representatives of the club’s legal department and Siemaco-SP will have a meeting on Thursday morning (Photo: Corinthians / Disclosure)

The slates had until 5 pm on Tuesday to register candidates for the presidential election. Although this has been discussed for a long time, some last minute changes have shaken the deadline, including the withdrawal of one of the pre-candidates, in the case of Ricardo Maritan, who gave up the opportunity to compete to form a broad front of opposition. He will now try to get a seat on the Deliberative Council.

– Decision taken. The stage is terrible and Corinthians needs the love of all Corinthians fans. Maintaining the candidacy means dividing the opposition, so the most sensible thing is to run for the Deliberative Council. Soon video and official note. Thanks and Save Corinthians! – Maritan declared on his Twitter.

This broad front has a chance to leave due to the abandonment of Paulo Garcia, one of the most influential names in Corinthian politics. With the support of his group, any candidate for the presidency gains strength to win the election, even with a certain favoritism. Thus, behind the scenes, both opposition and the situation sought this help to increase the electoral pool for November.

Paulo would initially be one of the candidates, but at a recent meeting with other opposition names like Mário Gobbi, Augusto Mello and Ricardo Maritan, a collaboration agreement was reached in the elections and for the vote against the approval of the 2019 accounts in the Deliberative Council . The trend is that Garcia and his group support Gobbi, but nothing has been made official. The information was first released by “My Timon” and confirmed by LANCE!.

Former president Mário Gobbi, who heads slate with Felipe Ezabella as vice-president, is the big favorite to fight for the post at the polls against Duílio Monteiro Alves, candidate of the situation, who has behind the group Renovação e Transparência, to which he belongs Andrés Sanchez. The broad front would aim to remove this group that has been in power for 13 years. There is an understanding that division would only weaken the opposition movement in this election.

Although he participated in the meeting with the other candidates, Augusto Mello did not give up on registering his candidacy this Tuesday and will run for the post of president with Duílio Monteiro Alves and Mário Gobbi. However, the opposition’s attempt to talk again, and to seek that Mello withdraw this candidacy when the election is approaching, is not ruled out.

In addition to the president, the partners will elect 200 members to the Deliberative Council, whose voting takes place through the so-called “chapinhas”, each with 25 people, eight of whom will be elected for the next three-year period. Recalling that members with more than five years in the membership and who are not in default with their payments are entitled to vote.

Now, with the candidacies registered, both from the slates and from the candidates for the position of president, the Electoral Commission will analyze all the documentation, in addition to determining whether all are eligible. It is worth remembering that due to a number of factors, electronic ballot boxes cannot be used this year, and will be replaced by paper ballots.

Check out the slates registered for the presidential election:

Corinthians Stronger Plate

President – Augusto Mello1st Vice President – Maria Tereza do Amaral

2nd Vice-president – José Antonio Avenia Neri

Renewal and Transparency PlatePresident – Duílio Monteiro Alves

1st Vice President – Eli Werdo

2nd Vice-President – Luiz Wagner Alcântara

Corinthian Reconstruction PlatePresident – Mário Gobbi

1st Vice-President – Felipe Ezabella

2nd Vice-president – Luis Bussab


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