Corona case numbers within a day are higher than ever

Corona case numbers within a day are higher than ever

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Yesterday, the Robert Koch Institute reported a record level of new corona infections. But the numbers keep increasing. 7,334 people were infected with the novel coronavirus within 24 hours – an all-time high since the beginning of the pandemic.The health authorities in Germany have, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 7,334 new corona infections reported within one day in the morning.

The day before was with 6,638 new cases the highest value to date since the beginning of the pandemic in Germany.

Last week, the RKI reported 4516 new infections on Friday. The current values ​​are only partially comparable with those from the spring, because significantly more tests are now being carried out – and thus more infections are being discovered.

Corona: More infected people in intensive care units

There is a clear increase in Covid 19 patients treated in intensive care. Loud RKI management report 655 people infected with corona were treated in intensive care on Thursday, 329 of them were ventilated.

A week before (October 8th) the value was 487 (239 ventilated), the week before (October 1st) it was 362 (193 ventilated). Around 8,700 intensive care beds are currently still available in Germany.

348,557 people infected with corona since the start of the pandemic

According to the RKI, at least 348,557 people in Germany have been proven to have been infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus since the beginning of the Corona crisis (data as of October 16, 12.00 a.m.).

The number of deaths in connection with a corona infection was therefore 9734. That was 24 more than the previous day. According to estimates by the RKI, there are around 287,600 recovered.

R value is 1.08

According to RKI estimates in Germany, according to the management report on Thursday, the number of reproductions, or R value for short, was 1.08 (previous day: 1.04).

This means that an infected person infects another person on average. The R-value depicts the infection rate about one and a half weeks beforehand.

In addition, the RKI gives a so-called seven-day R in its current situation report.

The value relates to a longer period and is therefore less subject to daily fluctuations. According to RKI estimates, this value was 1.22 (previous day: 1.16). It shows the infection process from 8 to 16 days ago.


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