Corona promotes weight gain in socially disadvantaged children

Corona promotes weight gain in socially disadvantaged children

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More home-cooked food, lots of fruit and vegetables: Because mom and dad are in the home office, some children have been eating healthier since the beginning of the corona pandemic. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.The Corona-Pandemie has a negative impact on the weight of children, especially from socially disadvantaged families, according to nutritionists. “The risk of overweight and malnutrition increases, especially among school children over ten years of age,” said Prof. Berthold Koletzko from the University Clinic in Munich on Friday.

In doing so, he referred to a representative Forsa survey carried out on behalf of the researchers.

It had found that 27 percent of parents and 9 percent of children under the age of 14 increased between the contact ban in March and the survey in September.

Parents’ school leaving certificate is an important factor

“If you then look at the socio-economic stratification, you can see that children from families with a high educational qualification of their parents are little affected, but that one in four children of parents with a secondary school qualification has an increase in body weight”, reported Koletzko.

“That is a very disturbing observation.” After all, these children would have had a higher risk of overweight and obesity even before Corona.

“In addition to the high initial value, there is now also this high gradient.”

The survey shows that 14 percent of families – also made possible by Homeoffice of the parents – fed more healthily and the children ate less sausage and meat, but more fruit and vegetables.

But the over ten-year-olds in particular often grabbed sugary soft drinks, sweets and salty snacks, it said.

Weight gain in parents too

The pandemic was even more noticeable among parents: a good quarter of women and men reported that their trousers had become tight.

The researchers are also concerned about this, as the next lockdown is already looming. “Obesity – that is, pathological overweight – is one of the risk factors for severe disease progression in Covid-19,” explained the director of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Center for Nutritional Medicine at the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Hans Hauner.


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