Coronavirus, in Italy 10,925 new cases in one day and 47 deaths

Coronavirus, in Italy 10,925 new cases in one day and 47 deaths

In Italy, another 10,925 cases of caronavirus were recorded, compared to 165,837 swabs carried out (the day before the increase was 10,010 with 150,377 tests). In the last 24 hours the deaths were 47, a decrease compared to October 16 when 55 were recorded. The healed were, however, 1,255. The Region in which there have been more new infections is Lombardy (2,664), followed by Campania (1,410) and Lazio (994).

Coronavirus, in Italy 10,925 new cases in one day and 47 deaths

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Coronavirus, in Italy 10,925 new cases in one day and 47 deaths

THE MAP AND INTERACTIVE GRAPHS> The situation of infections in Italy

Over 400 thousand infections – With the new cases registered, Italy has exceeded 400 thousand infections. Since the start of the pandemic, 402,536 people have contracted the disease. The deaths, however, reached 36,474. The number of those recovered also continues to rise: with today’s 1,255, there are 249,127 people who have defeated the virus.

Terapie intensive – The intensive care units continue to fill up: admissions have, in fact, increased by 67 units (705 in total). Non-Covid-19 wards are also under pressure: 439 more patients are hospitalized, for a total of 6617.

Lombardy – The highest number was recorded in Lombardy, with 2,664 new coronavirus cases out of 29,053 swabs carried out, for a percentage equal to 9.1%, an increase compared to yesterday (7.9%), when there were 2,419 infected with 1,500 more tampons. There are 13 deaths for a total of 17,057 deaths in the region since the beginning of the pandemic. Both intensive care admissions (+25 for a total of 96) and those in other departments (+109 for a total of 943) are growing. Milan is still the most affected province with over half of the cases (1,388, of which 634 in Milan city).

The Campania – New leap forward for positives in Campania: 1,410 (1,343 asymptomatic, 67 symptomatic) compared to the previous 1,261, out of 14,704 swabs. There were no deaths and 74 recovered during the day. The intensive care beds occupied are 75 out of 110 in total, the hospital beds occupied are 817 out of 840 in total.

Lazio – Out of almost 28 thousand tampons, a real record, in Lazio there are 994 positive cases, 12 deaths and 62 cured. This was announced by the Regional Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato. “The positives on the swabs performed are 3.6%. There is too much psychosis for the swabs, we are doing a huge number of them, the highest number of tested in relation to the population. I remember that there should be a medical indication and especially for cases of contact it is useless to rush the swab immediately. You need to contact your doctor, follow his instructions and wait at least the incubation period otherwise the risk is not to ascertain any positivity ” .

The other Regions – In Piedmont there were other 972 infections, in Tuscany 879, in Veneto 774, in Emilia-Romagna 641. All the other Regions registered less than 500 cases in one day. The Region with the lowest data is Basilicata (57).


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