Covid-19, Sharon Stone thunders: “Use your brain”

Covid-19, Sharon Stone thunders:

In an interview with weekly F, Sharon Stone talked about the coronavirus and urged everyone to be more cautious.

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“After more than 200,000 deaths in the United States we still know little about Covid. The vaccine will come, but science has its timing. Everyone can’t wait to go out, but I say: use your brain! Think of the others! From this crisis we must learn the importance of altruism ».

The 62-year-old spent the lockdown with her three adopted children: Roan Joseph, 20, LairdVonne, 15, and Quinn Kelly, 14.

«My daily life hasn’t changed much. When I am not working I am always closed at home with them, the only way I can avoid the paparazzi. The truth is that I’ve practically lived as a hermit for 20 years. Of course, I miss being able to invite friends here or go to them, but what terrifies me about this pandemic are the widespread deaths and the folly of the people.

According to Sharon Stone, Pope Francis is the right leader who can help and inspire people in this delicate period.

«A superior being, capable of moving above the bureaucracy of the ecclesiastical system. A good man, a scholar, with a modern world view. The speech he made on the true meaning of the family during the lockdown moved me ».


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