Covid cases increase for the tenth consecutive week

Covid cases increase for the tenth consecutive week

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“The number of Covid-19 cases increases for the tenth consecutive week, but this time a little more than in previous weeks. RT slightly exceeds unity. There are outbreaks and sporadic cases in all regions and the number of hospitalizations tends to increase, even if there is no overload of intensive care ”. This is the comment by Gianni Rezza, director general of the Ministry of Health Prevention, on the weekly monitoring of the Iss-Ministry of Health on the coronavirus emergency data. In this phase, he explained, “we must be extremely cautious, absolutely avoid aggregations and both public and private events, always use a mask, use physical distancing measures and take care of hand hygiene”. To learn more about Coronavirus, latest data. Today in Italy another 5,372 cases out of 129,471 swabs and 28 deaths Coronavirus, what can be done and what not with the new rules launched by the Government, from the mask to the Immune Swabs and quarantines app: here are the rules for traveling to the time of the coronavirus


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