Covid, hip replacement surgery postponed. “Worried patients”

 Covid, hip replacement surgery postponed.

Due to the sharp increase in the contagion curve, the concern returns suspension of less urgent interventions. To sound the alarm is theorthopedist and traumatologist Alessandro Calistri which in a recent exclusive at Adnkronos Salute illustrated a worrying picture. The orthopedist specializing in hip surgery, spoke of how in recent years this type of interventions such as the demand for prostheses have increased a lot. “The situation created by the pandemic has caused a contraction in prosthetic operations, because more space has been given to life-saving operations ”, said the orthopedist.

Covid postponed hip replacement surgery

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Covid postponed hip replacement surgery

Covid, hip replacement surgery postponed

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Many surgeries such as installing the hip replacement have been postponed to make more room for shelters for Coronavirus. This was revealed by the orthopedist Alessandro Calistri, specialized in hip surgery and researcher in the Department of Anatomical Sciences of the Sapienza University of Rome. “Today there is a great need for reconstructive surgery to the hip and knee. Immobility for those waiting for a prosthesis makes clinical situations worse. The stop to operations to prioritize the Covid emergency has led to the worsening of many clinical pictures, many patients have told us they had a physical collapse during the lockdown and we are worried about what will happen with a new lockdown “, he said to Adnkronos Calistri.

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He finally highlighted how this one suspension is creating concern among patients: “Today the patient, perhaps older, is worried if he has to think about a hip operation: he fears the coronavirus and is afraid. But if he doesn’t walk again, other conditions, perhaps already a bit critical, worsen ”. In this regard, the orthopedist pointed out: “Today the waiting lists for a hip replacement arrive, for example, to me, even up to 10 months. Northern Italy absorbs most of the interventions and right there since February there has been a stop or in any case only a slow recovery since June ”.


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