Covid, new ordinance in Lombardy: close on nightlife

Covid, new ordinance in Lombardy: close on nightlife

Close to the nightlife in Lombardy. Bars, pubs and restaurants closed at 24 from Saturday and in these activities after 18 the consumption of food and drinks is allowed only at the tables. Thus the new order of Governor Fontana. The anti-Covid measure provides for the halt to amateur sports competitions that involve “physical contact” and the closure of gaming, betting and bingo halls. The ordinance is valid from Saturday until November 6.

Covid, new ordinance in Lombardy: close on nightlife | Gaming, betting and bingo halls closed

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Covid, new ordinance in Lombardy: close on nightlife | Gaming, betting and bingo halls closed

Anything lockdown and curfew but there will be limitations for bars and restaurants, more controls and a return, albeit partial, of online teaching for high schools, in order to avoid crowds on public transport. “The new measures will not be dramatic – explained the Lombard governor, Attilio Fontana, at the end of the summit with the Lombard mayors, with the prefect of Milan, Renato Saccone, and with the group leaders of the parties in the Regional Council, in which they met on the proposals to be brought to the Scientific Technical Committee -. The Lombards may be less worried but they must be attentive to the measures otherwise there is a risk that the epidemic will degenerate. I am less worried than in March “.

The provisions of the ordinance will be homogeneous throughout Lombardy, there will be no additional restrictions in Milan or in the most affected areas because, as Fontana pointed out, “the virus is unfortunately spread throughout the Region”.

One of the objectives of the measure is to reduce the move evening: the activity of administering foods e drinks both on public and private areas (between cu bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, rosticcerie, pizzerias, kiosks) are allowed until 24.00. In these activities after 18.00 the consumption of food and drinks is allowed only to tables, except in shops located along highways and at terminals. The sale for take-away of any alcoholic beverage by all types of public establishments, as well as by the

commercial businesses and craft activities from 18.00.

Catering with home delivery is always allowed. The “24-hour” vending machines that distribute drinks and packaged food, overlooking the public street, are closed from 6 to 6. The measure does not apply to automatic milk and water dispensers. The consumption of food and beverages in public areas is prohibited from 6 to 6, while the consumption of alcoholic beverages of any strength in public areas including parks, gardens and villas open to the public is always prohibited. The statutory auditors may adopt further restrictive measures, also in relation to the absolute prohibition of gathering, and must ensure maximum cooperation in order to check compliance with these measures.

More controls In addition, more checks will be put in place as explained by the prefect of Milan, Renato Saccone, at the end of the summit. “Let’s not talk about curfews please – specified the prefect – because our life does not depend only on the opening of a bar or restaurant. The controls will be even more incisive and massive with the new ordinance”.

School and transport On the school and public transport front, the Region, in agreement with the mayors, believes that we should resort to distance learning “not absolute but partial” in high schools, with alternating lessons from home and in physical presence at school. Another request is to stagger the entry times to the elections so as not to saturate public transport at peak times.

For the university distance learning should be adopted, as an indication, for everyone except for freshmen and postgraduates. The order also contains the stop of all amateur sports competitions of a regional nature that involve physical contact, including those of the youth sectors, including training, as well as the closure of gaming rooms, betting rooms and bingo. The Lombardy Region, in agreement with the mayors, will also ask the government for an increase in the share of smartworking for all the activities where it is possible to implement it.

The stop to visits to RSA has been confirmed “Access to the structures of the residential offer units of the territorial network by family members / caregivers and acquaintances of the users present there is prohibited, unless authorized by the medical manager or the Covid-19 contact person of the structure itself (example: life) and, in any case, after measuring the body temperature upon entry and taking all the necessary measures to prevent contagion “.


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