Covid, towards a new Dpcm. Now Conte is under siege

 Covid, towards a new Dpcm. And the curfew hypothesis appears

These are crucial hours for Italy, both from a political and a health point of view. The new cases continue to grow, day after day, and the Giallorossi government may soon implement new ones restrictive measures in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus.


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While at Palazzo Chigi the government summit is about to take place which – at least for the moment – has only the economic maneuver on its agenda, with the possible interventions to be implemented to avoid the “hot autumn”, Giuseppe Conte, from Genoa, for the umpteenth time removes the specter of the national lockdown. The premier – who reached the meeting in Rome around 11:30 pm – is not willing to approve a new generalized tightening, considering this measure as a last resort, and has reiterated that targeted strategies should be preferred to that type of crackdown. On the table, therefore, more or less surgical interventions and measures aimed at stopping the growth of infections, in particular by closing or stopping activities considered at risk. Naturally with the nightmare of a cleaver on the economy already heavily weakened by a 2020 that has devastated Italian entrepreneurship, families and, consequently, the state coffers.

The Pd in ​​pressing on ConteThe premier, despite repeated attempts to call everyone to calm, is increasingly besieged. In the morning the head of the Pd delegation, Dario Franceschini, asked Conte for a “meeting to decide without delay new national measures to contain the contagion, obviously in agreement with the Regions”. Answer: none.

According to reports from HuffPost, Conte did not give any answer. In any case, a few days after the last Dpcm – which obliges you to always wear a mask, both outdoors and indoors, and holds back the holidays – a new national tightening is ready. That may already arrive in the next hours.

The biggest bugbear is that of lockdown. However, Conte ruled out this hypothesis. “The lockdown is used by those who have no means”, explained the premier at the Limes Festival, recalling that Italy has already gained experience with Covid last spring. Not only that: the premier reiterated that to tackle the second wave of the coronavirus the tool is not so much that of a lockdown. On the contrary, it is necessary to “respect the rules” also “protect oneself” and adopt a “more targeted strategy”.

The assumptions about the new restrictionsAccording to Conte, Italy will face this second wave with a different strategy, which should not include a national lockout. However, in the meantime, the daily bulletin of new cases has registered over 10 thousand infections, exceeding any psychological threshold budgeted. And so further restrictions on nightlife and gatherings could be part of the new anti Covid package. But there are those who also propose the curfew in weekdays and who the lockdown in weekend.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, from Fiorenzuola d’Arda stated that no decision has yet been taken. This is why the control room between government, regions and local authorities is eagerly awaited; a meeting called by the minister Francesco Boccia in view of the new Dpcm focused on anti Covid measures.

According to what was reported by the Republic, the new Dpcm could arrive tomorrow. There are various hypotheses on the table, including it smart working obbligatorio, in a percentage to be defined, the stop to events and a further close to sport, between gyms and amateur contact sports. And again: more staggered hours at school and more distance learning, with a focus on high school. Possible narrow also for hairdressers, beauticians, beauty salons and game rooms.

Pub and restaurants they could close at 10pm or 11pm, or even earlier than the last Dpcm which sets the maximum time at midnight. Nothing is decided yet. What is certain is that the Democratic Party is pressing on Conte and is asking for rapid intervention with stringent measures.


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