Cristina Pedroche tells what she will do with the 2020 Chimes

Cristina Pedroche tells what she will do with the 2020 Chimes


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Cristina Pedroche placeholder image He has confessed through his social networks that he has doubts about the Chimes of this 2020. Some doubts that range from whether to present the ceremony as it has done in recent years, to the dress that you would choose for this occasion.

The collaborator of ‘Zapping’ has chosen the ‘stories’ of Instagram to send a message to her followers, commenting that she is nervous, both for her birthday and for this year’s Chimes: “It’s a complicated, atypical, bad year. The Chimes are coming and the nerves are coming. This year they are nerves of insecurity, I’m scared; I feel very strange. ”

The situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic has sown doubts about the festivities this end of the year, as well as the celebration, as infections continue to rise day by day in Spain, and this has made the collaborator of La Sexta doubt: “It’s a dream to give the Chimes and say goodbye to the year with all of you, but I have doubts about whether I have to present them“.

Doubts about her dress

Regarding her dress, Cristina Pedroche has also been sincere, admitting that she does not know if she should change her way of dressing: “I think I can wear a more sober dress, but it would stop being me. But I don’t want anyone to feel offended either because at that moment I tried to ‘celebrate life or move on’ “, he explained.

A mention for those who criticize you

“On the other hand, I think there are people who entertain themselves by seeing me that night, criticizing the in criticizing, but we would already get people to think of something else. It is also hard for me. It’s a tough year for everyone“Pedroche concluded.


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