Cruises without a destination or stops: the Singapore initiative

Cruises without a destination or stops: the Singapore initiative

A travel by ship without destination and without stops. It is the idea of ​​the Government of Singapore that, to try to revive a sector in serious crisis, due to the Covid pandemic 19, decided to promote the Cruises with no destination or intermediate stops. The pilot project will start in November when, after the necessary checks anti-Covid, people tested negative for tampons, will be able to climb on cruise ships. However, the companies will not be able to make intermediate stops or organize tours within the cities. You go to the ship and stay there for the duration of the journey. The first to set sail on November 6 will be Genting Cruise Lines’ World dream, followed in December by Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas.

Singapore, cruises to nowhere

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Singapore, cruises to nowhere

Cruises without stops

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Obviously the companies will have to respect them in a slavish manner anti-Covid standard and the capacity cannot be that of the previous periodpandemic. In fact, passengers will be able to board the ships for 50% of the normal expected capacity. Furthermore, and it could not be otherwise, the mask will be mandatory as well as the ban on gathering and the seriousological tests for the crew and passengers. In short, it would certainly be an atypical cruise, but for the Government it is a way to try to restart the sector hit at the heart by the pandemic. However, the initiative does not appeal to environmentalists worried about the excessive use of fuel at sea.


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