Curve and map of cases, infections and deaths by region in Chile, today, October 17

Curve and map of cases, infections and deaths by region in Chile, today, October 17


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A new rise in the number of infections was registered during the last day, according to the report delivered by the Minsal on Friday 16. Pending the new figures to be delivered this Saturday, it is reported that there were 1,689 new cases, bringing the total to 488,190 since the start of the pandemic in March.

The current active cases, meanwhile, are 13,564. On the other hand, ehe number of deaths in the last 24 hours is 95, thus reaching 13,564 fatalities due to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic in the country.

In addition, Chile has 794 hospitalized patients, 625 on mechanical ventilation, 101 critically ill patients and 349 ventilators available.

Coronavirus in Chile

The Metropolitan Region maintains the improvement in the figures of recent weeks, although the authorities remain alert in case of outbreaks, to take the necessary measures and even return to quarantine in the communes where problems occur. This region has more than 290 thousand cases.

The Biobío Region (more than 26 thousand cases) is the third with the most cases in the country, and currently has a large number of active cases, Therefore, the authorities are closely monitoring the situation in the sector.

The same occurs in the Magallanes Region, which is currently the most serious area, since day by day it adds many cases and also its number of active cases is worrying. This area has already exceeded 10,000 total cases.

Map by region

RegionNew CasesTotalsDeceased
Arica and Parinacota599.021164
The rivers662.61626
The lakes24311.926111
TOTALS1.689488.190 13.564

Report of total cases last days

October 16: 488,190 confirmed cases

October 15: 486,496 confirmed cases

October 14: 485,372 confirmed cases

October 13: 484,280 confirmed cases

October 12: 482,888 confirmed cases

October 11: 481,371 confirmed cases

October 10: 479,595 confirmed cases

What is the situation region by region?

The measures that have been taken depend on each. Thus, it can be seen how, for example, in the Metropolitan Region all the communes are already unconfined, while in other regions there are quarantines that started recently.


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