Curve and map of cases, infections and deaths by region in Chile, today, October 24

Curve and map of cases, infections and deaths by region in Chile, today, October 24


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Chile has had an increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, and that is why the authorities continue to try to control and stabilize the curve, which has been oscillating between one thousand and two thousand cases in recent months.

During the last day, 1,631 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the country, totaling 500,542 infections since the pandemic began. Of that total, 9,990 cases are active and 475,576 have already been recovered.

In addition, 48 fatalities were reported in the last 24 hours. Due to this, the number of deaths in the country as a result of the pandemic rose to 13,892

Coronavirus in Chile

Weeks after the Metropolitan Region has come out of quarantine in all its communes, the increase in cases confirmed by the authorities it could phase down some sectors if the situation becomes too alarming.

The situation that currently generates the most concern is in the southern part of the country, where several regions have a large number of active cases and continue to add many cases daily. The Magallanes Region is one of the examples.

The Valparaíso Region is also in a critical stage to advance in the pandemic, since last week Viña del Mar and Valparaíso were released from quarantine, so they are under constant evaluation.

Map by region

RegionNew CasesTotalsDeceased
Arica and Parinacota589.307175
The rivers542.97329
The lakes26113.338116

Report of total cases last days

October 24: 500,542 confirmed cases

October 23: 498,906 confirmed cases

October 22: 497,131 confirmed cases

October 21: 495,637 confirmed cases

October 20: 494,478 confirmed cases

October 19: 493,305 confirmed cases

October 18: 491,760 confirmed cases

October 17: 490,003 confirmed cases

October 16: 488,190 confirmed cases

October 15: 486,496 confirmed cases

October 14: 485,372 confirmed cases

October 13: 484,280 confirmed cases

October 12: 482,888 confirmed cases

October 11: 481,371 confirmed cases

October 10: 479,595 confirmed cases

What is the situation region by region?

According to the most recent epidemiological report, the most affected commune continues to be Punta Arenas, but Puerto Montt surpassed Arica as the second municipality with the most active cases.

In addition, some regions have already been deconfined, while there are others that have been quarantined for a few weeks.


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