Cyril Lignac’s 4 secrets to making the best raclette

Cyril Lignac's 4 secrets to making the best raclette

Cyril Lignac's 4 secrets to making the best raclette

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Cyril Lignac’s 4 secrets to making the best raclette

In autumn and winter (or sometimes even in summer for the most impatient), nothing more pleasant than to meet with friends or family around a good raclette. Everyone goes with their own little pan and run cheese sure his hot potatoes, with of course, the cold cuts and the pickle jar never too far.

Even if Raclette remains a gourmet dish no matter the circumstances, it is possible to make it even more incredible thanks to the tips of the chef Cyril Lignac. Indeed, during an interview on RTL on October 2, the favorite chef of the French gave his secrets to a raclette so you will remember for a long time.

Morbier must have its place on the cheese board

For chef Lignac, it’s out of the question to make a raclette without morbier. This powerful and tasty cheese allows to vary the pleasures and to bring “a special flavor“. We want to try!

Charcuterie is not just about ham

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According to Cyril Lignac, we should not hesitate to addr raw ham, Grisons meat or sausages to accompany the raclette. At this point, it is better to stop count calories.

We must add other accompaniments

If the potato is one of the main ingredients of a good raclette, especially for vegetarians, according to the chef, you should not stop at that. Indeed, we can add a green salad to bring freshness, Mushroom with garlic for a forest touch. You had to think about it!

The pickle jar is essential

Many of us agree: a good raclette always comes with a few small pickles well tangy. The chef insisted on the importance of consuming French pickles.

So, ready to test raclette according to Cyril Lignac?


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