Danna Paola answered the supposed hint of Tini Stoessel

Danna Paola answered the supposed hint of Tini Stoessel

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Danna Paola responded in a recent interview for the program “Suelta La Sopa” about the comments that speculated a relationship between her and Sebastian Yatra when he was still dating Tini Stoessel.

The comments in the media and in networks pointed out that Tini’s song, “It hurts” included a hint for Danna in the fragment, “anow I understand its bad reputation … But whoever does it sooner or later pays it # It hurts “. But the “Elite” actress clarified the situation.

“Let’s see friends, it’s really cool that they want to see me with someone, but I think it’s something very personal that one keeps and the only thing that remains private, but not at all, the truth is that with Sebastián, just now we just launched the acoustic version of No Bailes Sola, which we have just done for days that has made me very happy, “said the singer of” Sola. “

“I think we must normalize the relationship between a boy and a girl. Not by force they have to be dating, “he added.

Danna Paola urged to end gossip:

The Mexican artist also made a wake-up call to end misinformation and highlight female solidarity.“I respect Tini very much, Karol G, Becky G, a Lali, now with Lola and Denisse I made a song called Santeria, let’s take that away a bit … Let’s not favor the fight between women in the industryOn the contrary, there should be more among women to continue positioning us in the charts. I think it’s about that, focus and stop gossiping“.



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