David Garett: About blocking contact with the brother: “That’s tough”

David Garett: About blocking contact with the brother:

Only a few days ago surprised us David Garrett (40) with his love happiness. The star violinist has been back for more than a year in firm hands. After his announcement, the musician couldn’t get out of the enthusiasm. “It’s like a great symphony, it builds on it more and more, “he revealed to the RTL morning magazine” Guten Morgen Deutschland “. Of course, it was also the subject of the” NDR Talk Show “, in which the musician was now a guest. But then he reported how hard the corona pandemic had hit him.

David Garrett: About blocking contact with brother: "It

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David Garrett: About blocked contact with brother: “It’s already tough”

David Garrett: Surprising family appearance: He shows up with his beautiful sister



David Garrett with no ponytail and short hair? It’s hard to believe, but he’s proven it himself. His unusual look you can see in the video above.

David Garrett: Without a ponytail and with short hair – we’ve never seen him like this!




David Garrett rarely sees his family

Because of the current ban on contact, the 40-year-old cannot visit his brother Alexander. So said David: “He has a family that I don’t see at the moment. “His brother lives in Upstate New York, USA. This is how he last saw him in January.” He has two children, who of course I see often through Facetime, but they ask me when I will visit you again. Just like my mother. It’s kind of tough when a two-year-old or a four-year-old asks, ‘Uncle David, when are you coming to New York’? “

Surprising family appearance: In the video below, David showed himself with his lovely sister.

David Garrett used to make his living cleaning toilets

Later on in the show, David revealed that he wasn’t too good at cleaning the toilets. “I cleaned the toilets. It was the job that nobody wanted to do. Accordingly, you could often write yourself in there and earn good money with it.” And because hardly anyone wanted to do it, David did it. “That was the job that was best paid,” said the violinist. How good that David prefers to use the violin instead of the toilet brush today.

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