Deadly brain tumor – there is nothing the doctors can do

Deadly brain tumor - there is nothing the doctors can do

The news that Tom Parker (32) announced on social media is devastating. A glioblastoma was discovered in the singer, who is about to become a father for the second time. This is a malignant brain tumor that cannot be surgically removed. The cancer is therefore considered incurable, and the remaining life expectancy is often only a few months, despite medical help.

Tom Parker

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Tom Parker

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“The Wanted”-Sänger Tom Parker informs about cancer

On Instagram, Tom and his wife Kelsey Hardwick (30) publish a photo that shows them together with their one-year-old daughter by the sea. Tom writes in a moving statement: “There is no easy way to say this, but unfortunately I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I am already being treated.” In the family, they would have thought for a long time whether they would make the disease public, but then decided to also inform about this condition.

Singer and his wife want to fight cancer

Tom and Kelsey emphasize, “We are absolutely devastated but we will fight all the way. We don’t want your pity, we just want love and positive vibes to collectively raise awareness of this terrible disease and to all available Seek treatment options. ” It will be an uphill battle, “but with the love and support of everyone we will beat the disease.” The post is signed “Tom and Kelsey”.

New pregnancy just announced

Kelsey gave birth to their daughter Aurelia Rose on June 30, 2019, about a year after their wedding, which was initially long postponed. The family is currently expecting children again. They announced this good news just a few days ago, before the terrible news of Tom’s cancerous disease followed.

In the first reactions on Instagram, the fans send well wishes, express their deeply felt love and wish Tom and his wife strength in the fight against cancer. “Stay strong,” it says again and again, and also: “You can do it, you can get through it.”


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