Death at 16 of Rania, suffering from a rare disease

Death at 16 of Rania, suffering from a rare disease

Rania, a young girl with thousands of social media followers who suffered from a rare disease, has died at age 16.

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On social networks, Rania shared her joie de vivre, her humor and her daily life with her thousands of subscribers. The 16-year-old from Annemasse, Haute-Savoie, died after undergoing heart surgery. It was one of his friends, the YouTuber GameMixTreize, who announced the news on social networks on October 15.

This video game and football enthusiast suffered from Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, also called progeria, a rare disease that causes the body to age prematurely. Rania was one of three people in France to suffer from it. The life expectancy of the sick is about 13 years.

A rally in his honor on Saturday

Rania had dropped out of school this year to enjoy life and start a Youtube channel. In one month, she gathered a community of 322,000 subscribers. She had over 706,000 on Instagram and over 880,000 on Tik Tok. She dreamed of “ending up in the cinema on the big screen”, she had confided to “Health Magazine” which had devoted a portrait to her at the end of September. “I have always accepted myself as I am, I never imagined myself without my illness,” added the young girl who lived surrounded by the love and kindness of her family and loved ones.

His death moved Internet users and many of them pay tribute to him on the Web. Among these messages, a signed Théo Griezmann, brother of Antoine Griezmann. “I had the pleasure of playing Fortnite with her, she made me laugh, and gave me a very different outlook on life. Courage to the family and loved ones. Watch over us, ”he wrote. “Savoy” reports that a rally will be organized in honor of the teenager on Saturday October 17 in Annemasse. A online jackpot was also launched. Friday afternoon, more than 21,000 euros had been collected.


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