decorating before makes you happier according to study

decorating before makes you happier according to study

The Christmas It is the favorite time of many people: not only is it the moment when you see your loved ones, but you also receive gifts, rest, take your time, wake up late … just by writing and reading it we know that it feels like a lot, it’s not like that?

to write of where is christmas coming It means starting a story that has existed for centuries and centuries, but in general, the messages for this time remain the same: give, forgive, receive, and remember everything that is good, in the company of those you love the most … What if they told you this escalates to decorate for these dates from before?

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Christmas: one of the most anticipated holidays of the year

Christmas: why would decorating before this date make you happy?

Yes, you have to accept it: it is true that this won’t make christmas come sooner, but according to a study published by the Journal Environmental of Psychology, people who first decorate their houses for December’s holidays, they are happier.

To carry out this study, various people participated, who rated the residents by viewing only the external decorations of their homesWhile the people who decorated their spaces were seen in a better state of mind than neighbors who did not have such accessories in their homes.

Those who participated in this experiment also showed some sense of emotion when decorate their houses, becoming more jovial as soon as they began to think about what they had to do to bring ‘the Christmas spirit home’.

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According to this study, developed by the psicoanalista Steve McKeown, ‘ldecoration is an anchor to old emotions what do we have of our childhood, so by putting those decorations in advance, our excitement spreadsWell, we bring those happy memories to mind, ‘he admits.

Without a doubt, this year is one that has been complex in more than one aspect. Perhaps that is why people have been a bit more effusive to decorate their homes with Christmas details, in order to forget this year and start a new cycle. We may not know for sure what the future holds, but there is some relief to think that there are some things that may not change, and one of them is the feeling that the Christmas brings with it.

Should I start decorating for Christmas?

If you want, you can view this as your own experiment, one that invites you to bring to life some of the best memories of your childhood just by putting a tree. If you do, we recommend that your tree comes from a sustainable source. Opt for local shops and decorations that actually bring you beautiful memories of your childhood, and make it something you enjoy every day, while your favorite date arrives: Good night.


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