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defeated “Cupola” active in Manduria


police car, panther, flickr / sv1ambo

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police car, panther, flickr / sv1ambo

Twenty-three arrests were made this morning by the Taranto Flying Squad in the operation called “Cupola”. They concern as many people held responsible for various reasons of mafia association, criminal association aimed at the trafficking of drugs and other very serious crimes against the person and property, including robberies, extortion, all aggravated by the mafia method. The arrests took place in the province of Taranto and in the Manduria area in particular. Another 27 people are being investigated in the same criminal proceedings and receiving a notice of conclusion of the preliminary investigations. With this morning’s operation, explains the Taranto Mobile Squad, an armed criminal association was disrupted, which, after the “Impresa” blitz in July 2017, had managed to reorganize itself on the territory of Manduria “still affected by the mafia phenomenon and governed by fringes of the Sacra Corona Unita, increasingly oriented to implement a strategy of strengthening their criminal prestige “. The SCU is an important mafia organization very active until a few years ago especially in the Salento area, then gradually reduced through many police operations, but still present as evidenced by today’s arrests. La Mobile di Taranto acted in conjunction with the central operational service of the Central Anti-Crime Directorate of the State Police with investigations coordinated by the Lecce Anti-Mafia District Directorate through the deputy prosecutor Milto Stefano De Nozza. The precautionary custody order is signed by the investigating judge of the Court of Lecce.

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