Deflate SUV tires, the action led by an environmental group

Deflate SUV tires, the action led by an environmental group

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe (2019)

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Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe (2019)

The members of the “La Ronce” collective made a short video tutorial to highlight their actions.

As you are not without knowing it, SUVs are in the sights of the legislator today and more particularly environmentalists. A phenomenon that will grow in particular because it has never sold so many SUVs since their arrival on the automotive market. In France, in September 2020, 41% of new vehicles sold were SUVs on the personal channel, or a record market share in a single month.

Considered too polluting because of their weight and their large engine for the most part, SUVs are now at odds with new environmental standards. It is also for this reason that an environmental collective called “La Ronce” intends to take action against these famous SUVs.

As revealed by the article published on the site Reporterre and highlighted by our colleagues from home, the environmental group encourages “simple and low risk actions”, “decentralized, simultaneous, relevant, easy actions” to “to harm the interests of multinationals deemed responsible for environmental degradation”.

Thus, we discover in a video posted on YouTube how to harm these famous SUVs. We therefore see a person removing the valve cap from a first-generation Audi Q5 to integrate gravel within the same valve before replacing the cap. As our protagonist specifies: “the tire deflates in an hour”.

On his screen, the owner of the SUV will then discover a little note with the following message: “We have disarmed your SUV. It’s not against you, it’s your vehicle that pollutes too much. Take public transport. La Ronce”. The organization specifies that it is necessary to “leave a note” for “driver safety”, while adding that these actions “will never harm the physical integrity of people, but material goods have no feelings”.

This new collective also provides a first decentralized action on October 14. Cars are not the only ones affected by these actions. Amongst others “small gestures to save the planet”, the collective also recommends inserting toothpicks into the card payment systems of Total service stations in order to subsequently render it unusable, or else to render an electric scooter completely unusable by completely covering the QR Code.

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