demand does not stop growing and reaches 30% per month

demand does not stop growing and reaches 30% per month


By uncertainty and devaluation expectations, more and more people choose to buy dollars. In addition, due to rumors of confiscation of deposits, more and more people decide to use safe deposit boxes to protect their savings. Therefore, the team of RePerfilAr prepared this special report to tell everything about this sector that grew more than 60% compared to last year.

Confiscation of deposits, corralito, pesification. These are just some of the bad memories that remain in the mind, is that only two decades ago all this was common. Since the end of 2019, people think about safeguarding their savings and, therefore, deposits in safes grow at a rate of 30% per month.

Duhalde on the crisis: “It is the fault of all of us who govern”

Jorge Gatto, CEO of Hausler, a safe deposit box company, affirms that in the last year the clientele increased drastically, and there is even a waiting list in some of the branches.

The point of break in the confidence of savers It would have occurred just over a year ago, after the overwhelming victory of the Frente de Todos in the PASO. “After the primaries, we had the highest sales record in history “says the CEO of Hausler.

“We have a product that is counter cyclical and that comes to solve the demands fear and insecurity of keeping valuables in the house“, said Gatto. And added:” It does not matter if it is in a country, the safe places are places like ours.

According to industry estimates, the rents of a safe they range from 22 thousand pesos a year, with insurance of up to 50 thousand dollars.


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