Deniers and no masks in the streets of Rome: “No to the health dictatorship”

Deniers and no masks in the streets of Rome:

Several demonstrations against what deniers, sovereigns and no masks define a “health dictatorship”. In Piazza San Giovanni from the stage came the invitation to put masks and respect the distance. But among the participants there are those who replied dryly: “I don’t wear a mask, in Italy it is a crime to turn with a distorted face”.

The demonstration of those opposed to the mask in Piazza San Giovanni Rome (ansa)

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The demonstration of those opposed to the mask in Piazza San Giovanni Rome (ansa)

And there is no shortage of tensions: a protester, who did not wear a mask, was stopped by the police. “Shame shame” some demonstrators shouted while others approach the police force “you have to arrest us all”. The man, fined, was then released “I came here to Piazza San Giovanni to demonstrate the right to do what you want without impositions. I don’t pay the fine and I put the lawyer on”.

A journalist was insulted while he was addressing some questions to participants and was then escorted away by the police together with the operator out of the square.

“We are about 700 people” the confirmation on a first estimate of the participants in the ‘Liberation March’ in Piazza San Giovanni, comes from one of the organizers. “We are certainly less than a thousand, we expected more participation”, and then he adds: “We are not deniers, fascists and even less flat-earthers. A bit of confusion has been made by the press”. There is no shortage of people without masks in the square, but the line is not shared by everyone.

“This is not a” Yes Mask or No Mask “demonstration they said from the speaker.” I don’t wear a mask because it is synonymous with subjection. My only fear is the loss of freedom “, one of the protesters tells reporters who has no intention of wearing the protective device.” It cannot be accepted that the pandemic is fought differently in every part of Italy – ha another protester said -. To date there is no single protocol, we must provide equal healthcare for everyone, from Milan to Canicattì “.

“I am here today against those who want us to be subjects and impose on us what we have to do – says a woman – they have taken away popular sovereignty from us. They want us all to be vaccinated, I’m worried”. Another protester calls for disobedience for the masks: “May they fine me, what can they ever do?”. Among the flags flying in the square are the tricolor ones, from the 3 V movement against vaccines, as well as banners against 5G. There is no shortage of those who aim to ride the wave of protest by making a profit: this is the case of a Chinese woman who is selling magnets with sovereign phrases.

Also in the square was a plastic skeleton with a mask that reads “I am not dead of coronavirus but of hunger” and flags of the Italian sovereign front. Among the displayed signs “I’m not a denier. I’m here because I don’t want dictatorship” and “L as freedom optional mask”.

Some dozen protesters in Bocca della Verità square

There are no more than a few dozen, mostly in orange vests, the no mask protesters in Piazza Bocca della Verità, in Rome, for the sit-in against the use of the mask as an anti-Covid function and in general against the management government of the pandemic. “We are not deniers, that term is used to suppress the Holocaust, while I believe both to the Shoah and to Covid – says one of them, mask lowered on his chin to talk to reporters -. But here we have reached the point that the Constitution does not it exists no longer and one can neither disagree nor manifest “. “The mask is harmful, it makes us breathe our carbon dioxide – says Paolo Martini, 54, sports manager who came from Frosinone -. We want a technical-scientific committee that is also open to authoritative professors who think differently and that nobody listens. Why don’t I get up. The amascherina? There is a law that prohibits the distortion of the face. If we want to respect the laws, let’s respect them all. ” According to another, “three children have already died in Germany of asphyxiation”.

Numerous policemen present in the square observe the small sit-in from a distance, which had a moment of tension when two young men who were cursing the press were turned away by an elderly man in an orange vest who called himself a “retired police commissioner” . “They are provocative,” he said. But the journalists were later subjected to insults by other militants. There is a widespread idea among the protesters that Covid is not as lethal as it is thought and none of them seem to have even an acquaintance who has fallen ill.

Interior Ministry: “Absolute rigor and firmness on compliance with anti-Covid rules”

“Maximum rigor and absolute firmness” if the anti-Covid regulations are not respected during the demonstrations is the line that the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese has indicated. If the police should find the lack of distancing they will have to intervene to dissolve the march but it will be difficult to do it without incident.


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