Did you lose your car keys? This is what you should do

 Did you lose your car keys? This is what you should do

One of the great fears that car owners have is that the car keys will be lost.


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These are moments when everything turns into confusion and anger, especially when you’re in a hurry or weather conditions force you to get into the car as soon as possible.

It is very easy for the set of car keys to get lost since it is not as heavy as house keys could be.

Then it is time to look in all possible corners and as far as it is unlikely that they are, at this time no idea is discarded.

What should be done in case of losing the car keys?

The first thing is to keep calm, it sounds like a set phrase but it is important to be calm because the start prevents you from thinking clearly.

Car keys

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Car keys

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If the car keys are lost outside the home and there is a duplicate, just contact someone who can take the keys to where it is parked.

In case there is no one to bring the keys and leave the car where it is (perhaps because it is a parking meter area or in an unsafe place) you can request a tow truck.

If the insurance coverage has that option, you can request the transfer of the car to the home and once there, use the duplicate to open the vehicle.

Some insurances have coverage against the loss of keys, if so, assistance can be requested.

In some cases, insurers send a tow truck to take the car to a garage that can open it and remove a duplicate key.

There are even coverages where a car is loaned while the new set of keys is delivered to the owner.

There are brands such as Ford or BMW that have the “second key” collection service or the making of a copy.

If a similar situation still does not occur, it is worth having a duplicate of the car keys in the hands of a trusted person.

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