discover the content of his letter!

discover the content of his letter!

Albert of Monaco contacted by his "illegitimate daughter": discover the content of his letter!

Albert of Monaco contacted by his “illegitimate daughter”: discover the content of his letter!

Did Prince Albert of Monaco have other illegitimate children before marrying Charlene Wittsotck in 2011? He who recognized Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, born March 4, 1992, as well as Alexandre Grimaldi Coste , born August 24, 2003, was reportedly contacted by a third child, a 15-year-old Brazilian teenager who claims to be his daughter, and who contacted him for the first time last July.

An adventure 15 years ago

Apparently aware of his birth for years, Albert II would have refused to submit to a DNA test. This is the reason why the mother of the child, nicknamed “Maria S”, and aged 34 (therefore 19 years old at the time of her relationship with Albert, who was 47) would have turned to justice, in Italy.

In Germany, RTL tells the whole story. We also learn that the young woman wrote a letter to the sovereign of the Rock, which she sent him by courier to her address in Monaco. RTL shares the content. Albert’s supposed daughter begins with “Dear daddy” and ends with “kisses your daughter”. She claims her father there, and explains her path of thought. In her text, she tells him that until now she has “avoided asking questions”, preferring “to suffer in silence, so as not to embarrass my mother”.

She also assures him: “When I was five or six, I kept asking my mother where you were and why you weren’t with us, because I have friends who still have their two. parents to play with, but never heard back from him. ”

“You can not see me”

And to add to the attention of the one she says to be her daddy: “I suffer from it, I do not understand why I grew up without a father, and now that I have found you, you do not want me see”. For his part, Albert of Monaco is the father of two twins, Jacques and Gabriella , fruit of his only marriage, swimmer South African Charlene Wittstock .

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