do we consume 5 portions a day?

do we consume 5 portions a day?

Health and nutrition experts say we need to eat (at least) 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

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Together with physical activity, nutrition is the basis of a healthy and complete lifestyle. But many of us don’t know exactly how to calculate the total intake for the day. Here is a simple guide to help us reach the target.


An apple a day, in addition to keeping the proverbial doctor away, also counts as a serving. The same goes for fruits of more or less the same size such as bananas, pears, oranges. If we prefer to keep count in grams, the experts say around 80g. That’s roughly 14 cherries or grapes, 20 blackberries or blueberries, two slices of mango or half a grapefruit.

It also counts dried fruit (30g) such as raisins, or two cool, three plums or a handful of dehydrated banana slices. Due to the high sugar content, however, it is always better to give priority to fresh fruit.

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October is the month of Halloween and pumpkin, a diet-friendly food that can be prepared in many ways. Perfect for a soup, it is also excellent for making roasted bread. Here's how to do it at home. Read also: >> DO YOU LIKE BREAD AND LOVE THE CRUST? MAYBE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT WAS DISCOVERED: HERE IS THE CARCINOGENIC SUBSTANCE THAT IS NOT GOOD FOR THE ORGANISM @Kikapress” data-src=’{“default”:{“load”:”default”,”w”:”78″,”h”:”52″,”src”:”//”},”size3column”:{“load”:”default”,”w”:”62″,”h”:”42″,”src”:”//”},”size2column”:{“load”:”default”,”w”:”62″,”h”:”42″,”src”:”//”}}’ src=””></p><p></span></div></p></div><p>Vegetables</p><p>Again, 80g is fine for counting a single serving.</p><p>Two “saplings” of broccoli, 4 tablespoons of cooked kale, spinach or green beans, half a courgette, 5 asparagus, three tablespoons of peas or corn.</p><p>A stalk of celery also counts as a serving. As well as about 5cm of cucumber, one medium sized tomato or 7 cherry tomato. Half medium avocado, three tablespoons of sliced ​​carrots and a few lettuce leaves (just enough to fill the bowl of cereal).</p><p>Other vegetables that count as a single serving: a sweet potato, half an eggplant, seven beetroot slices, 8 cauliflower saplings, 14 mushrooms, an onion.</p></div>  <script async src=


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