Do you dare to visit them? These are the most dangerous tourist attractions

 Do you dare to visit them? These are the most dangerous tourist attractions

In the world there are many places that attract touristsfor the impressive landscapes or experiences that can be lived and enjoy them, howeverSome are not suitable for everyone as they are considered dangerous. Just as there are beautiful tourist attractions that the whole family can visit, There are some that are better avoided and that only the bravest dare to step on them.

These tourist attractions are only for the brave (Instagram).

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These tourist attractions are only for the brave (Instagram).

If you like to release adrenaline while visiting the most impressive places in the world, then we tell you some of the most dangerous attractions, do you dare to visit them? Although reaching them can be a bit difficult, you will have the best views and you can take amazing pictures.

Trift Suspension Bridge

Switzerland is known for being a country with incredible landscapes and if you want to observe the greatness of the Alps then you must go to Gadmen where is the Trift Suspension Bridge, which has a length of 170 meters and is at a height of 100 meters above Trift Lake.

Without a doubt crossing this bridge can be a bit scary, but you should not worry as its design has fine steel cables, so if there is wind it will only move a little.

Monte Hua Shan

China is another country that has tourist attractions that are highly visited, including the Chinese Wall, but there is one that is not so well known, we talk about Hua Shan sacred mount located in Shaanxi province.

What makes this place special is that some tourists venture across the mountain to reach the north peak., but what they must do to achieve this feat is go through perpendicular cliffs and narrow wooden stairs, as well as a path only 30 centimeters wide on a cliff 2,000 meters high.

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Devil’s pool

Instead, If you prefer to spend a day in the pool while sunbathing, this could be an ideal tourist attraction for you, what makes it peculiar is that The Devil’s Pool is located in the abyss of one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria which is located between the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.

Victoria Falls have an approximate height of 110 meters and a length of 1.7 kilometers, in one of the highest parts there is a natural rock pool that can be accessed by a rope and when the flow is low people can look out and see the water fall.

Half Dome

Yosemite National Park in California has a huge granite dome that is 1,444 meters high, the Half Dome. Just seeing it, tourists are stunned, however, there are some who go further and decide to climb it. Due to its high altitude, some people take 10-12 hours, But what makes this tourist attraction dangerous is climbing the last part.

The Half Dome has a vertical wall of 400 meters, so to climb it you have to use some cablesAlthough they protect you from a fall, it is still a somewhat risky adventure.

Huayna Picchu Mountain

In Peru there is one of the tourist places that to get there is a challenge, the Huayna Picchu mountain which is in Cusco. In this place there is a path that has sections with very steep steps and stairs, so this site is not suitable for those who fear heights.

The small steps to the top of the mountain are made of carved rocks, What makes it even more dangerous is that there is no railing, so taking a wrong step can be fatal. Although all this path has its benefit since when you reach the top you will have a impressive view of Machu Picchu.



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