Do you really have to keep your eggs in the fridge?

Do you really have to keep your eggs in the fridge?

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For the eggs, there is the room temperature team and the fridge team. Who is right ? We looked into the matter.

Where should you keep your eggs once you’ve bought them? The question first arises in terms of health: we want to prevent the development of salmonella and other bacteria such as E. coli. On this point, the European directives are rather strange: they recommend to keep the eggs at room temperature during their transport and their marketing (in store, the eggs are never stored in the fridges) but to put them in the fridge after purchase (cf. . the storage instructions written on the boxes).

In 2013, in an attempt to put an end to the fridge / room temperature debate, the British daily newspaper Daily Mail commissioned a study on the subject. For the purposes of this study, one batch of eggs was stored at 6 ° C, another batch at room temperature. Result: no difference observed in terms of microbial contamination.

Avoid temperature changes

Other studies have shown that the issue is not so much the temperature but rather the temperature changes, which weaken the eggshell and allow germs to penetrate inside the egg. Temperatures above 22 ° C should also be avoided.

The best solution therefore seems to keep your eggs at room temperature, in a corner of the kitchen that is not subject to temperature swings and hot spells (avoid the area around the oven).

And for the taste?

Among the chefs, we are more in favor of the ambient temperature, not without reason. The shell of the egg is porous, that is to say that, even in the shell, the egg captures the odors that surround it. However, the refrigerator is often a fragrant place full of characterful scents (cheese, garlic, onion, etc.)

Last argument in favor of the ambient temperature: a cold egg is likely to break when it is immersed in boiling water (to make a soft-boiled egg, for example). It would also be more difficult to emulsify with other ingredients. All you have to do is find a place on your shelf to store your box of eggs.


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