Doctors and nurses infected with Covid during a party, ward closed

Doctors and nurses infected with Covid during a party, ward closed

A party was enough organized among the health workers of a hospital ward to generate a small outbreak which, brought right into a hospitalization facility, could have very serious consequences.

Empty hospital ward

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Empty hospital ward

The party among health workers brings Covid

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The count of doctors and nurses who test positive for the Covid research test is very high, a certain number of them serve‘Morelli Hospital in Sondalo, in the province of Sondrio. About ten days ago they attended a party among colleagues, as many did before the pandemic, and only this fact made one of them test positive, which is presumed to be unaware and asymptomatic, to infect other colleagues, not all participants in the party, fortunately.

At the hospital, the protocol is triggered

The health management, after the discovery of the outbreak, ordered the immediate closure of the medical department, where the infected health personnel work, arranging for the transfer of patients hospitalized in other hospitals in Valtellina and no longer accepting hospitalizations in that now closed ward. On the matter, which emerged in the last few hours, the leaders of Asst Valtellina and Alto Lario they immediately intervened to apply ipanti-Covid rolls, such as sanitation of environments and tracking. “What happened – said Giuseppina Ardemagni, medical director – must serve as a warning about the behavior that each of us must follow. We need the utmost attention because everyone, no one excluded in their work environments, even healthcare workers can be infected“. Too many probably face the health situation lightly in the belief that the pandemic is just a bad memory. The epidemiological investigation of the health management now will have to also ascertain whether the infection has been transmitted to the patients who, as a precaution, had to leave the hospital ward of the other hospitals in the valley.


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