Does River return to Avellaneda?

Does River return to Avellaneda?

An image that could be repeated locally.

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An image that could be repeated locally.

There is no case, it seems. Parallel to an already public dispute between the River and Boca CDs with the current soccer team triggered in a historic joint statement by the two largest clubs in the country (in what was a historical event), the CARP is playing another more conjunctural but no less relevant contest: for the works in the Monumental, the leaders formally raised a request to the Professional Football League last Friday to express the will of the club to play host to River Camp during the LPF Cup and request permission to start the pertinent infrastructure works to enable a field that today does not meet the statutory requirements of AFA.

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For now River received no official response, but sideways the League authorities are already lowering their thumbs: still without an audience, they want Conmebol’s television canons to be maintained for which the Doll team plays at home on the Independiente court for the Copa Libertadores and that is why they would not accept that the property be used to play First Division matches. And although they still do not give up and continue trying to twist that first unofficial refusal, in Núñez they warn that this position of the LPF would be due to a bill pass.

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It is that for River it would not only be much more comfortable to be a local in Ezeiza, where it would have the OK of municipal security and would have a first-level playing field to receive Banfield, Rosario Central and Godoy Cruz in the first instance: for him CARP would represent a rental expense that is not less in these times. The main alternative in case the River Camp is blocked is, as on a continental level, the Independiente court, that charges him $ 60,000 per party of rent that is deducted from the existing debt for the pass of Alexander Barboza. And although versions also emerged that the move could also be to different stadiums because Rojo and River coincide on two dates in which they play as locals, that would not be a problem: in this case, the matches could be accommodated on different days and times.

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The truth is that there is already a fight about this issue in the club, that is ready to develop the facilities that would allow LED advertising, tarpaulins, TV booths and mangrulles for cameras. The request, obviously, was born from his own Marcelo gallardo, which considers essential the very good state of the grass of the fields of the property, in addition to that it would exercise a real location in its bunker. Surely this Monday, when the Doll sits at noon in the River Camp conference room for his virtual press conference, he will have his thing to say about it: it will be a mandatory question for the coach who, like all Núñez, is Red de the anger …

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