‘Doria had a lot of courage; otherwise, we would have many more deaths ”, says Secretary of Health of SP

 'Doria had a lot of courage; otherwise, we would have many more deaths ”, says Secretary of Health of SP

Doctor Jean Gorinchteyn, from Instituto Emílio Ribas and Hospital Israelista Albert Einstein, took part in IstoÉ’s live this Friday (16th). Secretary of Health of the State of São Paulo, Gorinchteyn spoke about the mistakes and successes in fighting the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, in addition to the vaccines that are being tested in the country and in the world.

According to the secretary, depending on the results of phase 3 of the tests, it is possible that in December this year it will already be immunizing a part of Brazilian society, especially health workers, education and patients with comorbidities.

“We are halfway to winning the pandemic,” said Gorinchteyn.

In the interview, the secretary was asked about the most recent controversy involving the Coronavac vaccine, which will be produced by the São Paulo government in a partnership between the Butantan Institute and the Chinese company Sinovac. The secretary announced that next week he will land in Brasilia with Governor João Dória to try to lobby in defense of Coronavac and thus pressure Bolsonaro to sign the release of the budget.

If he does not manage to release the money, which has already become a political dispute between presidential candidates – Bolsonaro x Doria -, he assesses that a financial partnership with the private sector will be the solution for the fray.

“We cannot socialize the vaccine just for the state of São Paulo, it is not true, it is not democratic. We have to share it with the whole country. The Butantan vaccine is from Brazil, it cannot be exclusive to São Paulo ”, he declared.

Gorinchteyn is a professor of infectology at the University of Mogi das Cruzes, where he graduated 28 years ago. Master in infectious diseases, the secretary drew attention to the permanence of the so-called “respiratory tag”, such as the use of masks, for example. The secretary also made a point of extolling the chief’s stance in facing the pandemic.

“Governor João Doria had a vision of great courage in fighting the coronavirus. Otherwise, we would have many more deaths ”, he concluded.


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